The Clever Cynic...Earthshaking News About the Launch of a REVOLUTIONARY new site

No this isn't a quote...sorry to disappoint you. Well, not really, I love being annoying and disappointing...but the point of this post is that I launched another site. (As if I didn't have enough forums already to be a pain in the butt.) Today is the first day of the new will feature a daily famous quote tied to earth shattering current events (like some celebrity gets caught with their pants down), dates in history and timely news like when I decide to mow my yard. So if you haven't already had enough...scamper on over and bookmark it for posterity.

--The Clever Cynic (now quoting for those too lazy to look up quotes)


The Clever Cynic: Unravels the Mysteries of the Universe and Particularly: How to Make Money Scams

This is a guy telling others on the Internet how to make money. Well, more precisely how HE makes money. He makes money by telling YOU how to make money and making you THINK you will actually MAKE money. See how the arrow of the big money is pointing toward HIM? That is because HE is the one making the money.

The way it works is after a while it gets so confusing about who actually makes the money everyone forgets who is REALLY making the money--but he makes MORE money. But hey, as long as someone made money it is just fine...........right?

--The Clever Cynic (saving you money so you can buy something important like a hand-held blender)

The Clever Cynic: How You Can Save TONS of Money

This is exactly the expression I had when I learned that some fools pay 25 dollars for a pack of razor blade refills. Give me a BREAK.

Go buy a pack of 3 Bic Deuce razors for a DOLLAR. That is right...ONE DOLLAR and they are disposable. You don't have to mess with changing the blade, they give a shave that is amazingly smooth and they are precise. Yeah I know, Bic just got like $100,000 worth of free advertising...I don't care. I guess if they feel really guilty about it they can send me a check. BUT, the important thing is you can save your money now for important stuff like beer. Besides some of those razors are a is like shaving with some huge plank with teeth. Sure you can pivot the head on some of them to do your sideburns but WHY BOTHER? The head on some of those razors is so huge it kind of skates over a lot of spots and leaves them rougher than a normal razor.

--The Clever Cynic...(saving you money, so you can throw it away on something else)


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