Jeff Koons Sculpture Hanging Heart Sets Record in Southeby Auction - Art News

Jeff Koons sculpture Hanging Heart, set a record by selling for 23.6 million dollars in a recent Southeby's auction. This is the largest price ever paid for a work by a living artist.

Margot at the Wedding Video Movie Preview Trailer - Video de Margot at the Wedding

Margot at the Wedding Video Movie Preview Trailer - Video de Margot at the Wedding. Margot at the Wedding is the new romantic movie featuring Nicole Kidman. Here is a look at the video movie preview trailer...enjoy.

Megan Meier - Megan Meier's Parents Tell the Story of Their Daughter on Myspace

Megan Meier's Parents tell the tragic story of their daughter's Myspace account and the effect an imaginary admirer had upon her life.

Megan Meier Story Part 2 - Megan Meier's Parents - Myspace

Megan Meiers parents tell about their feelings about Megan Meiers Myspace account. I must say that this is an amazing story.

The Megan Meier Story 3 - Megan Meirer Parents Tell Their Story

The Megan Meier Story 3 - Megan Meier Parents Tell Their Story.

Beowulf Movie 2007 - Greatest Fight Scenes Video Movie Preview Trailer

Beowulf Movie 2007 - Greatest Fight Scenes Video Movie Preview Trailer. This movie looks AWESOME.

Beowulf Trailer - Video Movie Preview Trailer for the Epic New Movie Beowulf

Beowulf Trailer - This film has an epic feel that I love. Here is a look at the Beowulf Video Movie Preview Trailer that has everyone in an uproar...enjoy.

Six Brand New Cloverfield Pictures - Now There are 18 Total Cloverfield Photos

Here you go...6 brand-new Cloverfield there are 18 in all for the JJ Abrams 1-18-08 Cloverfield Monster Movie.

Spice Girls First Live Show - Barry Bonds Indicted, Munchkins Get Starred - Dr Phil News and Celebrity Gossip Galore

The Reunited Spice Girls make their first live performance. Lindsay Lohan serves her time for her DUI. Is Katharine Mcphee married? Barry Bonds is indicted. The Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz get a star on walk of fame. Dr. Phil is run over by truck and a host of other celebrity news and gossip courtesy of Somagirls.

Hanna Montana Is Sued By Her Fans - Britney Spears Latest - Celine Dion Last Concert Tour - Amy Winehouse and Drug Search

Fans sue Hannah Montana over concert tickets. Britney Spears runs over another foot. Beckham becomes an Armani underwear model. Celine Dion's may be making her last concert tour. Jada Pinkett-Smith's makes her debut as a director. Jessica Alba is looking for a new crib. Amy Winehouse has her hair searched for drugs.

Britney Spears Cries About Being Named Unsexy - Demands Apology from Maxim - and Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan News

Britney Spears cries, pouts, and demands an apology from Maxim, Lindsay Lohan may do some episodes of Ugly Betty and Paris Hilton has an amazing effect on mice.

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