Big Brother 8 USA 8/12/2007 - Evel Dick Gets the Smackdown,

Throughout the season, Evel Dick has specialized in bullying and trash-talking the women in the house and occasionly the diminutive-housemole Eric who was defeated soundly in a wrestling match by Jen (so I am not sure where to pigeonhole Eric). Tonight, he pulled the wrong chain when he decided to call Jameka a liar. Jameka transformed from a meek-mild doormat into a tough fighter that showed that she very much has what it takes to win the game. Evel Dick tried to give her the smackdown and she faced him down in grand style and matched him tit for tat.

The minute that Amber and Jameka realized that Evel no longer ran the show they started dishing back some of the dirt he has flung their way...ah fickle.;)

Jessica nominated Dick and Daniele as I predicted and seems to want Daniele out of the house since she is the stronger competitor.

Losing the ability to compete for HOH seemed to bring Jameka alive and most likely ensured that she will be around at the very end. She is the least-threatening member of the house until the final countdown when she regains her fangs and that is a very-sweet spot for Jameka. Sure, she won't get a basket stuffed with goodies or photos of her dog or her aunt for a week, but she might just wind up with the $500,000 goodie bag at the end.;)

Zach may also be in a very-good position. The sidelines isn't a bad spot to wait out the game and he has been virtually-invisible since Mike left the house. If he manages to avoid the taint of Daniele and Jen who are now looking to him as the only free-agent left in the house, he may wind up at the end. He would be VERY smart to be trying to forge a secret alliance with Jameka should his side regain power and manage to send Jessica packing. The infighting may start sooner than you think, once Evel and Daniele exit and Dustin and Amber realize they are outnumbered and Eric is the swing vote in their 5 man alliance. Further, America gave Eric the assignment to try to eliminate his closest ally in the house in a stroke of genius that literally boggles the mind, so that ought to also stir the pot.

Jessica is running the show for the moment and will be VERY tough to oust. She is very-tight with Jameka but with Jameka unable to compete, that may leave her in power indefinitely barring an error on her part.

Evel Dick won the slop pass in this week's food competition and opted to give it to Jen. Amazing how the worm can turn and now Dick is kissing Jen's butt...isn't life grand?

America gave Eric the assignment of getting Dustin evicted from the house. This is the same America that wants Jessica and Eric to be the final two. I can't exactly give kudos to America's ability to strategically plan and nor could Eric...(rolls eyes) but this is the same America that considers Hillary Clinton as a possible Presidential Candidate so you just never know exactly WHAT ON EARTH AMERICA IS THINKING.

Jessica actually wants Daniele to go and not Evel. I don't think either will be around long unless America in its infinite wisdom causes Eric to blow the game for his alliance. For now, he and Jessica need the support of Amber and Dustin to maintain position. It is way too early to go to war with Dustin...he is a very savvy player.

There you go, more than you ever possibly wanted to know about my opinion about Big Brother...

--The Clever Cynic

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Hmmm...I always thought I was the last hope for the survival of mankind...seems I have competition.:D

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Ron Paul in Iowa.

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Some of the tabloids are reporting a split between the two. These days it is sometimes hard to know what to believe.;)

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Have a secret you want to purge? Maybe you are obsessed with reading "The Clever Cynic," maybe you have an obsession with YouTube or maybe you are just disturbed. This video gives the address for the website that gives you an opportunity to purge yourself of your secret.

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Fortunately Evolution just HAPPENS.;)

The Evolution of the Human Mind

Tonight, another of my now famous investigations...Human far have you come?

But first a simple test to see how far you have evolved:

1. Have you bookmarked this site?

2. Do you come back everyday?

3. Do you email the URL to your friends?

Ok now tally the score and I will let YOU decide just how far you have evolved.;)

Human Evolution - YouTube Video - How It All Began investigation into Human Evolution. More high-quality entertainment value. By the way, if you still havn't bookmarked this site you still have some evolving to do.;)

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