NYC YouTube 777 Montage - Video from YouTube

Here is how the 7.7.7.YouTube event turned out in NYC.

Leonid the Magnificent Fails to Make the Final Cut on America's Got Talent

A year ago when I watched America's Got Talent, I must say I was surprised when I first saw Leonid the Magnificent. To be honest, his act didn't seem that polished when he first started the competition. Further, Leonid and I couldn't be greater polar opposites in many ways. But, after his performance, I saw something in Leonid that I admired, qualities that I admire perhaps most of all--courage, raw emotion, pride and dignity. It was a strange mix, but when I saw Leonid the Magnificent face the judges and literally demand that they recognize him for who he is, I admired him and respected him.
I also felt that America had come a long way in respecting individual differences and even though he did not win the competition, the fact that he progressed for a while in an America that seemed to embrace him, restored some of my faith in mankind.
Tonight, there was a failure, not Leonid's but that of the judges. I felt that many of the contestants that advanced had far-less star quality and I also had hoped that Leonid would be given a chance to show America that he was the winner of the competition. I felt that the judges should have forgotten about creating a balanced finale and given Leonid a chance to compete to the end, giving America the opportunity to vote to decide if he was perhaps the greatest talent present.
--The Clever Cynic

Big Brother 8 USA: Dustin Worries About Joe

Apparently it was kind of a slow day in the house.;)

Big Brother 8 USA: Jen Cries Over Her Picture


Robot Chicken Star Wars Darth Vader - This is Why I Hate Training Sessions at Work

This is why when they mention "training" sessions in the workplace I cringe.;)

Teen British Models May Soon be Banned from Catwalks

There is a video trailer over at Yahoo that discusses the issue surrounding young models and modeling. (see trailer here) Apparently some people in the UK believe that staying slim enough to strut your stiff is bad for your health.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Rare Orchid Found in Florida

An endangered variety of Orchid, called the "Ghost Orchid" was found in the Florida Everglades (or what is left of them ;) ) You can see the full story here. I had just finished looking into global warming and I must say this was a breath of fresh air.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Robot War - This reminds Me of the Silly Debate About Global Warming

There is a lot of song and dance about Global Warming, "scientists arguing each side," but no one can deny there IS a problem.;) It also doesn't take a lot of brains to come to the conclusion that dumping tons of pollution into the atmosphere can't be helping matters.;)

Global Awesome - One Take on Global Warming

This video shows you the selfish perspective of those who refuse to see the problem of Global Warming. Sure, there are naysayers and global think tanks, teams of renouned scientists with their "impressive" charts and graphs that for some reason or other try to convince us that everything is "OK," but the simple fact is: a child of five can plainly see that the earth grows hotter each year. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that each summer the land grows hotter and the climate more acrid. The problem of global warming is an individual choice. The choices each of us make have a greater impact than you may think. Until consumer sentiment changes and global sentiment drives the global marketplace to change, there will BE NO CHANGE. Think about it.

Global Warming - Video from YouTube

This video is AMAZING.

Serious Celebs on Global Warming - Video from YouTube

Tonight we examine Global Warming from various perspectives. One thing that is certain, despite the naysayers, any FOOL can see things are heating up on planet earth.;)

Futurama Global Warming Video from YouTube

Global it now undeniable?

Global Warming Documentary from (2007)

Today we continue a close look at Global Warming. With the rising temperatures now evident in our day-to-day lives, it is easier to believe that global warming may indeed be harsh reality.

Backkom - Gum - Even Bakkom is Concerned About Global Warming


Global Warming Polar Bears - Taking a Close Look at Global Warming


Al Gore's Travelin' Global Warming Show - Video from YouTube

Today we examine Global Warming.

The Great Global Warming Swindle Video 1 of 8

One way to gain cleebrity is to refute the theory of Global Warming.;) After all, tell the people what they WANT TO HEAR.;)

Global Warming - Doomsday Called Off - Free Video from YouTube

With temperatures nearing 100 degrees across the nation, it is time to take a CLOSE LOOK at global warming.

Why Women Pay Less Car Insurance and Get Lower Quotes

HEY, I think they imply that guys do stupid stuff. :O

Leonid the Magnificent and dance duet OT

More Leonid in case you are interested.

Leonid the Magnificent in Greece2

For Leonid Fans here he is performing in Greece.

Leonid the Magnificent in Greece - Free Video from YouTube

Here is Leonid in Greece. As you know Leonid made the finals of America's Got Talent.

Leonid the Magnificent Advances to the Finals in America's Got Talent

Tonight, Leonid the Magnificent advanced to the final round of America's Got Talent. I wrote about Leonid a while back so, if you want to see more Leonid coverage, use the search engine at the left and do a site search for Leonid.

Congrats to Leonid and the other finalists. I must say it was tough to watch the announcement to those who lost and won't go on in the competition. I must say, in my eyes they are all winners. A lot of dreams died that day and I was sad to share that moment with them.

But, like a phoenix, Leonid overcame last year's defeat and came back bigger and better than ever and so I hope that the others persevere and enjoy the same success.

--The Clever Cynic

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