Big Brother 8 USA: Evel Dick Rockin' Out

The father daughter pair in BB8 Dick and Daniele, will be VERY hard to beat. They hang tough in every competition. As I said in an earlier analysis, blood is thicker than water and when it comes down to the end, they will hang tight. If I were in the house, one of the first things I would do is to split up this pair. Quite frankly, I can't wait to see the door close behind Evil Dick as he leaves the house. I find his style to be far too abusive. I can't believe he poured tea on Jen's head and that it wasn't a breach of the rules. Eric's cover was really blown by the plane that flew overhead this week and he is in for a rough time in the house. Jen may escape once more because there may be a frenzy to try to get Eric evicted through a backdoor nomination. I must say though, Evil Dick knows how to rock.:D

Flash Gordon 2007 - Video Preview Trailer

The all-new series starting this month on Sci-Fi. You may want to go check it out.;)

Healthy Eating : Kenny The Gerbil (2006)


Matt Damon is Named Top Star

This has been some month for Matt Damon. According to an article on E!, not only did his newest Bourne film set records for the month of August, Forbes named him top dog on the celebrity payback list for the huge financial success of his latest movies. Congrats, Matt.

--The Clever Cynic

Music News - Britney Spears Hires a New Manager

According to an article on M&C, Britney Spears has hired a new manager. Jeff Kwatinetz, Kelly Clarkson's old manager will now have the responsibility of managing Britney's career.

--The Clever Cynic

The Newest Bourne Movie Sets Sales Movie Premiere Sales Record

The newest Bourne spy movie, "The Bourne Ultimatum," set a new record for ticket sales for a movie debuting in August with sales totaling over 72 million dollars, according to an article on The Irish Examiner. That is a lot of tickets.

--The Clever Cynic

Dear Mr. President - Pink

This is great.

Family Guy-Farting Song


Bernard and Mouse - Comedy VIdeo from YouTube


Big Brother 8 -- Evil Dick Breaks Wind

I am really hoping Evil Dick goes home next week...sigh.

Jurassic Fart

Hehe. Yeah, yean, I know it is low humor, but it is still funny.:D

MMORPG News - Runescape - Zezima shows off all 99 capes

If you have never played Runescape, it is an online game you play in your browser. It is really fun and free. Go check it out sometime.;)

Movie Preview Trailer - The Illusionist

Ohhhh, creepy...looks cool.

Simpsons Spider Pig - Full Version


Amazing 9yr Old Drummer with Mosh Pit Groupies.

Nine years old and he has groupies...SMOOTH.;)

NBC Dateline Reporter flees Defcon 15

Apparently it is NOT a good idea for a reporter to try to hack into Defcon.;)

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