Britney Spears - MTV's Video Music Awards - Vanessa Hudgens Photos

Britney Spears wanted to open the MTV music awards and she certainly did. She wanted to make an impression...she did that staggering around the stage like a wooden soldier.;) I must say it made quite an impression on me.;) She made a "statement" allright.;)

Iron Man Video Movie Preview Trailer - utube videos

A look at the upcoming Iron Man movie due out next year.

Big Brother 8 USA - Evel Dick Admits Letters Contained Code

Hmm...hopefully they kick both of these smug, sickening is a video, in case you havn't had enough of them already.;)

NBC's Primetime Preview -- Television - Fall 2007

Here is a sampling of some of what you can expect if you turn in to NBC this fall.

Ron Paul - Republican Fox Debate 9-5-07 - utube videos

The latest views from Republican Ron Paul.

Oseberg Viking Ship - Cultural Video - utube videos

So, you got up this morning and thought, "wow, I have never actually seen a viking ship." Well, now you have.:D

Big Bang Theory - Television Video Preview Trailer

We take a look at the new series that starts this fall from CBS..."The Big Bang Theory." Series premiere Monday, September 24 on CBS.
Hmmm...well, I'll let you decide.

Afterworld Episode 1 - The Big Day - Art Video Production

To be continued ...

Ojos de Mujer - Women Eyes Art Video


Obama on the Run - Obama - Hillary Clinton - Comedy Video

Hillary Clinton and Obama have it out.;)

Alex Jones Interview - Endgame Movie Interview

A talk with the director of the documentary Endgame.

Alex Jones' ENDGAME - Video Movie Preview Trailer

Immortality and a secret society...sounds like a winner to me.;)

A Word With...Sherri Shepherd - Sherri Shepherd Interview Video

Everything seems to be happening in Vegas right now.;) Here is an interview with Sherri Shepherd of "Who's Your Caddy."

Progress in Iraq? - Comedy Video - utube videos


The Shock Doctrine by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein - Big Brother 8 USA

Wow, there may be hope for the cast of this year's Big Brother USA...AWESOME.:D

What In the World Is a Kinkajou?

What exactly IS a Kinkajou?:D...well now you know. A Kinkajou is something that looks innocent but has teeth.

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