Skybus Comedy Video - Skybus the Deep Discount Airline Video Review

The internet is abuzz with news of Skybus the airline that offers some 10 dollar seats on their flights. Surprisingly, considering that airfare is only ten dollars, according to some of the people who have actually tried Skybus, the airline is actually comfortable, modern and very enjoyable. I don't think these reviewers actually TRIED any Skybus flights.;) You do have to pay extra for any extras like coffee, a pillow etc, but for ten dollars for the flight, who cares? At ten dollars per ticket just think of all the places you could go that you have never seen.:D

This makes me wonder how much it would cost to charter a flight.:D

Skybus ten dollar tickets are only available online.

Kyla Ebbert The Girl Kicked Off The Plane - Poses For Playboy Website - Video

Remember Kyla Ebbert the gorgeous woman who was kicked off the airline flight?...well, she is back. Kyla Ebbert apparetnly decided to bolster her sagging fame with an appearance in Playboy.

I must say that Kyla Ebbert is certainly gorgeous.

Britney Spears Stripped of Right To Drive Her Kids - Breaking Britney News

In in article on Hollywood Today, it was revealed that Britney Spears lost the right to drive her kids during visitation.

Most of Britney's driving mishaps have been the result of the press swarming her car as she tries to go about her business. To be honest, Britney Spears is a lot more patient than I am. If I want Taco Bell, I want it NOW.:D I wouldn't want to have to fend off a million photographers when I make a run for the border.;)

As I see it, Britney's problem is that she chose the wrong ride.;) What she needs is a monster truck.;) People would learn to keep their feet back if you drove this puppy.;)

Green is In - The Smart Car is Here - Cute Sexy Reporter and Environmental News Video

The Smart Car is here. I actually saw a Smart Car the road was covered with advertisments for hot barbecue chicken wings but that didn't diminish the cool factor.;) If you want to be in these days go green.;)

I just love envionmental news delivered by super-hot reporters.;)

Kyla Ebbert - Too Hot and Sexy To Fly Now in Playboy Website - Kyla Ebbert Video

Remember the hot sexy Hooter's Waitress that was too smoking hot and sexy to fly on a Southwest Airlines flight? You can see her here in the outfit that made her famous and also on Playboy's website. Yes, it is true. According to an article on, the stunning sexy Hooter's Waitress has taken good taste to a new level and now appears in a Playboy photospread on their website.

According to Kyla Ebbert, the nude and lingerie photos in a collection entitled "Legs in the Air" are in her words, "tastefully done." Well, I for one wish women would all develop Kyla Ebbert's idea of good taste...and her stunning good looks.;)

In a nutshell...Kyla Ebbert, making the world a better place...and all in good taste.;)

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2007 - Spice Girls, Lingerie Models and Celebrity Gossip in this Hot Sexy Video

Hollyscoop brings us all the action at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Koadk Theater: They talk to the sexy Spice Girls, discover what celebrities have a secret ctush on Selita Ebanks, interview showhost Ryan Seacrest, CSI Miami Star Alex Rodriguez, CSI New York star Hill Harper, steamy Stacey Keilber, vivacious Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Mel C, Gerri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Seal and wife, Heidi Klum. They also capture stunning lingerie models: Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Carolina Kurkova in an exclusive interview. Hollyscoop was on top of all the action with interiews with the hills star Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad, Gerard Butler. They catch up with wil.i.a.m. who discusses the kanye west tragedy, the Spice Girls, Dean Cain, Eva Longoria, Michael Vartan, Jeremy Piven, and Gabrielle Union among others. They also went backstage prior to the show and hung out with Heidi klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima in their sexy lingerie.

Awesome video coverage, Hollyscoop...rock on.

The Victoria's Secret Angels - Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart, Selita Ebanks Get A Star

Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio,Izabel Goulart, Selita Ebanks and 21 of the Victoria's Secret Angels the models who helped make Victoria's Secret Lingerie a household name were honored today with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is one of Hollywood's greatest honors. Congratulations to all of the Victoria's Secret Angels.

Big Shots Will Not Be Cancelled Due To Writers Strike - Video News

Big Shots fans will be glad to know that the series will not be cancelled due to the Writers' Strike. The rumors that had circulated regarding the show's demise were apparently false...rock on Big Shots.

Blogging Tips - Free Download Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a superfast web browser that includes automatic pop-up blocking, easy tabbed browsing, and privacy and security features. This version has integrated the Google Toolbar into the Firefox download to offer users even more features: Google Search with autocomplete right on the browser, SpellCheck, and Autofill. The best thing about Google Toolbar is that it will autocomplete your search terms. It also gives bloggers another list of bookmarks for your most-essential blogging links. I use Google Toolbar constantly, it saves me a ton of time and makes blogging a lot easier. I highly recommend that every blogger download both Firefox and Google Toolbar, because so many people use Firefox, you need to make sure that your website works well in Firefox as it does in Internet Explorer. Best of all, this integrated version of Firefox and the Google Toolbar is absolutely free. You can download for free by clicking the button on the left sidebar. If you want to add Google Toolbar to your Internet Explorer Browser, you can get it as a part of the Google Pack. You can download just Google Toolbar or select any components that you want to download. They are all totally free...and invaluable.;)

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