Blogging Tips - Free Download Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a superfast web browser that includes automatic pop-up blocking, easy tabbed browsing, and privacy and security features. This version has integrated the Google Toolbar into the Firefox download to offer users even more features: Google Search with autocomplete right on the browser, SpellCheck, and Autofill. The best thing about Google Toolbar is that it will autocomplete your search terms. It also gives bloggers another list of bookmarks for your most-essential blogging links. I use Google Toolbar constantly, it saves me a ton of time and makes blogging a lot easier. I highly recommend that every blogger download both Firefox and Google Toolbar, because so many people use Firefox, you need to make sure that your website works well in Firefox as it does in Internet Explorer. Best of all, this integrated version of Firefox and the Google Toolbar is absolutely free. You can download for free by clicking the button on the left sidebar. If you want to add Google Toolbar to your Internet Explorer Browser, you can get it as a part of the Google Pack. You can download just Google Toolbar or select any components that you want to download. They are all totally free...and invaluable.;)

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