Kyla Ebbert - Too Hot and Sexy To Fly Now in Playboy Website - Kyla Ebbert Video

Remember the hot sexy Hooter's Waitress that was too smoking hot and sexy to fly on a Southwest Airlines flight? You can see her here in the outfit that made her famous and also on Playboy's website. Yes, it is true. According to an article on, the stunning sexy Hooter's Waitress has taken good taste to a new level and now appears in a Playboy photospread on their website.

According to Kyla Ebbert, the nude and lingerie photos in a collection entitled "Legs in the Air" are in her words, "tastefully done." Well, I for one wish women would all develop Kyla Ebbert's idea of good taste...and her stunning good looks.;)

In a nutshell...Kyla Ebbert, making the world a better place...and all in good taste.;)

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