Big Brother 8 USA 8/16/2007 Dustin Goes Home, Daniele Wins HOH

Congratulations Marsalis, someone finally matched your blunder and you now share the claim to the Lamest Big Brother Move of all time with Dustin. It took a while, but someone finally did something as stupid.

Earlier in the week, Dustin, in a cocky-arrogant fit decided to suggest himself as a pawn to go up on the block to replace Daniele as a nominee for eviction. Dustin, however, forgot to realistically calculate his odds of survival and as I predicted in my last column, he was sent packing on a 4-2 vote. Granted, Dustin had no way of knowing that America would force Eric to vote to evict him but one is never truly safe in the Big Brother House. The scenario is very similar to that of Marsalis when he opted to leave himself on the block and did not veto his own nomination. Overconfidence just doesn't cut it in the Big Brother house.

The result is that Dick and Daniele remain in the house...still a VERY- formidable duo and Daniele pulled off another win, edging out Amber in a memory contest that decided who would be HOH.

My guess is that America will get the exact opposite of what they want, due to their lame decision to have Eric work for Dustin's eviction. Certainly, Eric lost Dustin's jury vote at the end because the betrayal was obvious and it was clear from Dustin's body language that he has an axe to grind with Eric. Had America not interfered, Daniele would most-likely have been sent packing on a tie-breaker vote from Jessica. Instead, Daniele now holds the power and has the chance to eliminate one of the opposing alliance that can still compete for HOH.

My guess is that Daniele will nominate Jessica and Eric for eviction. She may nominate Amber instead to try to backdoor Eric but the end result will be that one of the voting opposition will head for the door, leaving Evel and company with some very-strong numbers. It won't really matter to Danielle who goes home and Evel Dick won a lot of support for his alliance by giving Daniele the POV and by giving Jen the Slop Pass. He already called in those favors, but I have a feeling that he will enjoy some lingering support. I don't think for an instant that Evel was being generous. The gifts were strategic and I must say he is a VERY-savvy player. Evel made some HUGE wagers and I must give him kudos for pulling it off...nice move Evel.:D

Dustin probably would have won had he convinced Jessica to put one of the other side on the block. It really shouldn't have mattered to Dustin who was nominated as long as it wasn't he who went on the block. That is all water under the bridge, but Dustin was in a very-strong position and would most-likely have won the game.;)

Zach and Jameka seem to be in the strongest positions at this point, should Zach ever manage to actually come close to winning a competition. I am not sure if Zach is trying to stay under the radar, or if he just stinks...I guess when it comes down to the nitty-gritty we will find out.

There you go....way more than you could possible want to know about my take on Big Brother 8...enjoy the show.

--The Clever Cynic

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--The Clever Cynic

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