Get Back Music Video - Britney Spears - Official

Get Back- by Britney Spears (Official)

Supermodel Kate Moss - Fashion - Models - Modeling

Supermodel Kate Moss.

Britney Spears - YouTube Worst Video of All Time

Someone claims this is the worst YouTube video ever. Actually, this is the second worst. Chris Crocker's "Leave Britny Alone" video would be nearly-impossible to beat for the worst.;)

Family Guy - 911 Call - Family Guy Comedy Video


Hillary Clinton's YouTube Advertisment - YouTube Video

Hillary Clinton, Presidental wannabe posted this advertisment on is safe to watch it...she doesn't laugh in this one. Oh wait, nevermind...she is posing with Slick Willy...view at your own discretion.

Why hasn't Hillary Signed the New Dogfighting Bill? - Election News

Hmmmm...good question. Maybe she was too busy practicing that convincing laugh of hers.

Hilly the Vampire Slayer

But what if the next monster to strike our nation is a former first lady...what do we do then.?:D

Google Maps: Getting Started - Google Comedy Video

Google Maps How to Video - Comedy Style.:D

Is Hillary Clinton Abusing YouTube? - Hillary Clinton Video

Hillary Clinton abusing something? :O Say it isn't SO?:O Well, at least she isn't cackling like a demented freak...that's progress. I always thought that Hillary Clinton was a very-sharing sort. This is a real shock to me.;)

YouTube Contest - Win A Trip - Video Production

Here is your chance to win a trip to the International Film Festival. Your video does not have to have cheerleader in it, but cheerleaders as you probably noticed add a lot. The cheerleaders in this video seem to have absolutely nothing to do with this video other than look hot.:D There might be other implications about the presence of the cheerleaders in this video, but you have to figure that out for yourself.;)

Baby Einstein Marathon - Baby Einstein and Baby Genius

Tonight, another of my now-infamous investigations. I decided to take a look at "Baby Einstein" a video program that according to Wikipedia is ... popular with many parents who desire to provide an early boost to their children's cognitive development, products of this sort find little support among experts in the field of early childhood education, who emphasize the crucial role of 'hands-on', experiential learning through exploration and manipulation of the child's physical environment. The question is are parents buying a product that is a time-saving substitution for spending quality time with their little bundle of joy? Do some parents feel that trapping their child in some kind of fancy restraint and forcing them to watch programmed television put them on the path to genius? Tne name "Baby Einstein" would certainly imply that it imparts some intellectual gift...let's find out.

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