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Big Brother 8 - 8/7/07 - Jen Wins Power of Veto and Saves Herself

For the third week in a row, Jen proved that she has what it takes to win Big Brother, Jameka makes the biggest blunder since Marsalis and Dick and Daniele may be in big trouble.. In a very-interesting Power of Veto (POV) competition, Jen emerged the winner...at considerable sacrifice.

Tonight's POV competition was CLASSIC. Big Brother did an impressive job of stirring the pot following the leak of information caused by a plane that flew overhead revealing part of Eric's strategy to the houseguests and restoring a margin of respect to the game.

At each stage of tonight's competition, houseguests were required to make a sacrifice to remain in the competition and I have to admit that the price was fierce. In order to win, Jen had to resign herself to slop for 30 days, give up the ability to compete in the next five HOH completions, pour vile stuff over her hair for the next 24 hours, wear a bunny suit for 5 days and give up half the winning purse. I would have to say that Jen made a very-smart bet.;) I would also say that that girl WANTS TO WIN THE GAME.;)

Jen is well aware that the prize money, especially for someone that looks hot in a bikini, is just icing on the cake compared to personal appearance fees and the value of the fame associated with winning the competition. If you can't farm a win in Big Brother into much more than $250,000 after you win, you had no business winning in the first place.;) Losing HOH for 5 rounds won't matter that much if she lies low. By the time Dick, Daniele, Amber and Dustin duke it out four weeks will pass. Perhaps the smartest alliance she could make would be to ally with Zach and coast five weeks. It will be interesting to see if she thinks of it. Zach is hardly a target and can compete so he wouldn't be bad to play for a while to have someone who can compete and win HOH to manipulate to nominate for you.;) If Jen allied with Zach and had him do her bidding, she would do very well in the game.

Zach is trying to play Danile but she is onto his game (honestly, he doesn't have much of a game with the ladies) he is trying to "be there for her" now that Nick left and that one never works. I have a feeling that Zach is a real winner with the ladies outside of the house (rolls eyes).

Jameka in some idiotic fit of nobility to save Eric, sacrificed the right to compete in the next five HOH competitions. Not as huge a blunder as Marsalis's famous total lapse of common sense, but very, very close. On the other hand, she is hardly a target for a while as those who retained the right to vote will quickly target one another in an attempt to hold the power...so congrats Marsalis you remain safe as having made the biggest blunder of all time.

The Power of Veto becomes a much-bigger factor this season now that three of the guests are left with no power to compete for HOH. I honestly don't think Big Brother ever DREAMED in a million years that anyone besides the two on the block would do something so enormously stupid so they are probably left scratching their heads and praying Kail goes home to narrow the group that can't compete to two.

Danile can't compete in this week's competition for HOH, so if Evil Dick loses I can pretty much guarantee that he will be on the block beside Danile. I predict that Kail will go home. Jessica played a very smart game and began to turn the tables on Evil Dick and forged a tentative new alliance with Eric, Dustin, Amber and Jameka. I have a feeling she will vote this way at least until Evil Dick is gone from the house and then she will reshuffle the deck. Don't count Jessica out...she is the best strategist in the game. What remains to be seen is can she hold her own in competitions once she decides it is time to grab the reins of power. She may get a push from housemole Eric who has an assignment from the American Public to take her to the final two.

There isn't much argument for Kail's allies to keep her in the house, since she lost the ability to compete for the HOH she is useless except as a pawn, so they might as well play her now.;) Jen would play it smart to try to remain the swing vote and will very-likely remain off the block as a neutral until the very end. Jameka became a pawn to her group and following Kail's exit she will be the next pawn to head out the door should the opposing alliance gain the HOH.

Dick's behavior in the house is becoming so bad that I am surprised that it remains within the rules, but I don't make the rules and there is a lot I don't know that goes on behind the scenes.

I must say the game became VERY interesting tonight...kudos to Big Brother for stirring the pot and keeping it interesting.;)

There you go...more about my take on Big Brother 8 than you ever wanted to know.

--The Clever Cynic

Catwoman Audition - Comedy Video from YouTube

It seems like you have to keep on your toes, someone else always wants your job.;) Not a bad audition, but somehow, I think Michelle Pfeiffer is safe, should there be another catwoman movie.;)

Black Cat-Catwoman - Movie Clip

She is back in an new role. That's right, Michelle Pfeiffer is back on the screen in this summer's hit, Hairspray.;)

Movie News - Michelle Pfeiffer - Miss Baltimore Crabs (Hairspray movie)

She's back, Michelle Pfeiffer, one of the sexiest villains of all time is back in the Hairspray Movie.

justice - D.A.N.C.E - Music Video

Justice's video D.A.N.C.E is among the nomineed for MTV Music Video of the Year. Good Luck Justice.

Amy Winehouse - Rehab - Music Video

Amy Winehouse can count herself among the elites since she was nominated for MTV Music Video of the Year.

Rihanna - Umbrella (mv)

Uh huh, uh hun, Rihanna was also honored by being nominated for MTV Music Video of the Year.

Kanye West - Stronger

Kanye West also gets kudos by being nominated for MTV music video of the yaar.

Justin Timberlake - Director's Cut - What Goes Around...

Justin Timberlake also got the not for "What Goes Around."

Beyonce - Irreplaceable

This is one of the nominations for Music Video of the Year...Good Luck Beyonce.;)

The Nominations are In for the MTV VIdeo Awards

The gong has sounded and the nominations are in for the MTV music video nominations. Leading the pack, according to wnbc.com, are Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. I will post a rundown of the nominations for best video of the year.

--The Clever Cynic

Funny Aladdin Dub - Comdey Video from YouTube


Facebook Off - Movie Trailer

It is too bad this isn't a real movie trailer. lol It would make a COOL film.:D

The Dark Knight - Teaser Commercial Video Trailer

Looks cool.

Britney Spears - Letterman - Free YouTube Video

Another way to boost sagging celebrity or to gain it is to do the David Letterman Show.

Video - Nicole Richie on Late Show w/ David Letterman - YouTube

Tonight we continue our look into ways to gain celebrity. Doing the Letterman show sure doesn't hurt any.;)

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