Madness - House Of Fun (Live On The Young Ones)

A sneak peak into a new "transitional house" proposed by Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton Unveils "Purpose"

According to an article on E! Paris Hilton discovered her new purpose while logging time in the jail. In their exclusive interview she revealed her new plan, ""I want to help build a transitional home so that when inmates leave here, they don't have to go back to the street," she said. "These women just keep coming back because they have no place to go."

Apparently plans are already in the works and I managed to have a hidden camera smuggled into the new project hidden inside an earring disguised as jail apparel.

Bill Clinton to Let His Wife Win Her Own Race

In an article from NY Daily News, former President Clinton declared, "I don't expect to do a lot of this this year and I don't think it's helpful," the former President said, referring to an upcoming campaign trip in Iowa in which he will accompany her. "I want people to get to know Hillary."

I am not sure that the people getting to know Hillary is the BEST strategy either.;)

But I can see Bill's translate....hey, I have been President...been there....done that. I can't say that I can argue with him, I hardly want to be a part of Hilliary Clinton's campaign either.;) Besides what man in America wants to be the first "first man?"
Bill is a cagey one...he comes off as "noble" by letting her in essence run her own race. Plus, when she loses he won't have to shoulder any blame. No wonder that marriage lasted.;) I still haven't forgotten when Bill got elected that Hillary immediately began to "rethink" the role of first lady. I got plenty of this power-hungry little vixen the first go 'round. I have to agree with Bill...he's a slick one that Bill.;)

--The Clever Cynic,

Funny cartoon =)

In honor of Elmo.;)

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