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The Clever Cynic now has a button you can use to bookmark the site automatically. I am sure that many of you have already bookmarked The Clever Cynic, but if you are new or just forgetful be sure to take advantage of the newest addition to the site. I am sure that most Clever Readers will eventually want to make The Clever Cynic your home page so you are directed here immediately upon opening your browser...........but there is no button for that............................yet ;).

--The Clever Cynic


The Clever Cynic Featured Website: Christina Aguilera

Like I said in the previous post .....I admire website greatness. I have to say that the interface on Christina Aguilera's website is really impressive. I encourage you to go check it out. I am not a fan or fact, I have never been a fan of anyone.....but it won't hurt to go look for the following reasons:

1. The website design is impressive and I am rarely impressed with anything.
2. Christina Aguilera is hot ;).
3. She can sing.
4. According to Netscape....while she was naked, she peed into a bucket in front of her whole crew....(don't believe me? click here). I didn't read the whole article...but feel free if you want. I didn't obsess on it, I just thought it was interesting and thought it quite the cynical thing to do. :D.

--The Clever Cynic

Are You a Cynic?

Some of you may be wondering if you belong here. Most of you probably don't care if you belong here or not ;). After all you don't need my permission. You may just enjoy reading the posts, naming body parts, looking at the art or whatever you do here. But some of you may have doubts as to whether this is the best place to spend your reading moments...then:
The Cynic's Sanctuary has just the tool for you: The Official Cynic's Self-Test.
Take advantage of their free quiz. It will help you decide if you are skewed enough by society to spend time here on a regular basis.
Part of the aim of The Clever Cynic is to point out some of the coolest things on the web. The Cynic's Sanctuary is a cool place to look around with a ton of information about ........ well obviously, "cynicism."
--The Clever Cynic

Clever Readers

The best part about writing "The Clever Cynic" is that I know that all the Clever Readers are extremely bright. They are that rare .001 percent of the world that is smart enough to:

a. know what .001 percent even means
b. are aware that the other .999 are merely to be tolerated with a patient smile.
c. already mentally checked my math for accuracy to see if they could enjoy a private joke at my expense.

This allows me to pretty much do whatever I want without worrying if anyone will "get it."

The Clever Cynic

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