Dancing With the Stars Finals

<-------Yes, I know, I know that picture is lame...but it is 2AM and I don't feel like finding something better.
Tonight's Dancing with the Stars ROCKED IT. Joey and Kym, I am TOTALLY DISAGREEING with the judges here, were absolutely the best performance of the night with the Cha Cha starting out with Kym acting like a puppet. I have to admit I envy Joey being Kym's puppet master. Kym is one of the hottest women on the planet. ;)
I was a bit disappointed though with Apolo and Julianne tonight. :( I had them picked as a clear favorite to win...but following the puppet number by Joey and Kim everything else in the show seemed to fall flat.) I do also kind of wonder why Apolo's parents can't SPELL. The search engine even tried to correct me...sigh. Maybe his parents named him before spellcheck was invented.
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Is it Just Me? or...

Is it just me or does it look to anyone else like this guy is trying to sail a boat in his toilet?

The Bachelor Season Finale

Well...The Bachelor concluded tonight. The bachelor found true luv....isn't life grand sometimes? Tessa got the ring and Bevin got the shaft...for Bevin life wasn't so grand.
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On Art

The sad part about being a fine artist is that the real money is made after you are gone and can't enjoy it. ;)

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Free Game for You to Play--Table Tennis

The Clever Cynic spares no expense in order to bring you the finest in quality entertainment. Today's feature .... Table Tennis (just click on the picture to be wisked away to the game). Go knock yourself out. Good luck though....I got clobbered. If you manage to beat it post and claim your bragging rights. ;)
--The Clever Cynic (bringing you mindless things to do, so you don't have to go out and actually look for them)

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