Dancing With the Stars Finals

<-------Yes, I know, I know that picture is lame...but it is 2AM and I don't feel like finding something better.
Tonight's Dancing with the Stars ROCKED IT. Joey and Kym, I am TOTALLY DISAGREEING with the judges here, were absolutely the best performance of the night with the Cha Cha starting out with Kym acting like a puppet. I have to admit I envy Joey being Kym's puppet master. Kym is one of the hottest women on the planet. ;)
I was a bit disappointed though with Apolo and Julianne tonight. :( I had them picked as a clear favorite to win...but following the puppet number by Joey and Kim everything else in the show seemed to fall flat.) I do also kind of wonder why Apolo's parents can't SPELL. The search engine even tried to correct me...sigh. Maybe his parents named him before spellcheck was invented.
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