Family Guy Kool - Aid Parody - Comedy Video from YouTube

Timing is everything.;)

Transformers Movie Trailer - All the Best Parts - YouTube Video

Cool, but I still want to see the movie.:D

Six Miners Trapped in Utah

Efforts are escalating to try to rescue the trapped miners in Utah. I heard tonight on ABC news that the mine owner and two of the trapped men's brothers are joining the rescue effort below ground. I hope that they all are rescued soon.

Tales Of Mere Existence - You Tube Videos - video - utube


Urso Bernard - A Lancha - Bakkom


Voetbal Humor - Soccer Humor Video


6 Miners Trapped-Utah Coal Mine Collapses

They are working around the clock to try to rescue the miners trapped during the earthquake. I hope they make it out ok.

Britney Spears Strips for No Reason During Recent Interview

According to an article on AOL News, Britney Spears stripped to the waist and took off her wig during hair and makeup before the interview...sigh.

--The Clever Cynic

YouTube Video - LA Ink: Eric Balfour gets a Kat Von D Original

Another new way to gain celebrity...tattoos...lots and lots of them. Kal Von D has been getting a lot of attention lately.;)

Nicole Richie Tops Paris Hilton in Jail News Ratings

Friday's ratings for the interview with Nicole Richie on 20/20 were much higher than those for Paris Hilton's release from Jail according to an article on E!, so I have a feeling we are in for a lot of "Nicole Goes to Jail."...sigh

--The Clever Cynic

Bernard - Bakkom - The Desert - Video from YouTube


Denise Richards

Here she wonders why everyone wants something from her.

Charlie Sheen Claims in an Interview that his Ex Wanted Sperm

According to an article on E!, Charlie Sheen claimed that his ex wanted a parting gift from him, his DNA. Sheen was quoted as saying, "he would sooner walk on the moon." This might be a chance for NASA to finally get some believable moon walk footage.;)

I did feel sorry for his ex Denise Richards, who by the way did NOT ask me to donate, so you can see how upset she was about this, so I hit the road to find her another alternative.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Little Havana Sperm Bank

Since Charlie supposedly turned down Denise I hit the road to help her find other options.

Family Guy Peter at the Sperm Bank

Here is another option.

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