Leah Kauffman - Obama Girl Voice - Perfected: The Ann Coulter Song

Ann Coulter gets her own music video - Perfected by Leah Kauffman. I think maybe they are making fun of Ann Coulter.:O hehe

Hot Sexy Bikini Comedy Video - Bikini Babe Girls Talk Jobs

Tonight, I felt like posting videos with absolutely no purpose other than the babes in it look hot.:D Take this video for example.;)

Bikini Video - Hot Sexy Bikini Babe Tells What Girls Like In Guys

Have you ever noticed that even if a hot girl speaks gibberish, no one cares?:D I know, I know, this video is total drivel, but the girl is hot.;)

Street Fighter 4 Debut Trailer - Video Game Preview Trailer

Street Fighter 4 preview...I must say it looks cool.:D

Urine Therapy - Dumbledore - Allison Mack - Public Enemy Remix - Celebrity Gossip

What does urine therapy and Dumbledore have in common? Absolutely nothing. I doubt urine therapy could make Dumbledore straight again, nor could urine therapy make me care about his sexual orientation.;)

Celebrity Gossip - Britney Spears - Pete Doherthy - Reese Withersoon - Spice Girls

Remember the dancers that propped Britney Spears up at the VMA awards? They didn't get paid.;) Spice Girls ban kids from their shows...guess they figure kids can't handle spice. This and even more celebrity news from Hollyscoop.;)

Califorina Fires - 500,000 Flee Southern California - War Spending

Fires sweep through southern California and the United States continues to burn money in the war...sigh.

Bosses Day - Office Humor By The Gorgeous Cube Girl

Cube Girl shares her office humor...she is so gorgeous.;)

Ellen DeGeneres - Celebrity News

Ellen DeGeneres ... the latest news.

Marie Osmond Faints On Dancing With The Stars - Video

Marie Osmond fainted right before the scores were announced on Dancing With The Stars last night...fortunately she was ok.

Horrorfest 2007 - Main Event Trailer - Movie Preview Trailer

Horrorfest 2007 - Main Event Trailer.

Jane Seymour - Beautiful Woman - Hot Sexy Video

Jane Seymour - Wow.

Jane Seymour - Dancing With The Stars - Jane Seymour Dance Video

Jane Seymour - Dancing With The Stars.

Jane Seymour Dancing With The Stars - Bottom Two

Jane Seymour slipped to the bottom two on Dancing With The Stars Tonight. I must say I was surprised, she is much better than the bottom two.;)

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