Britney Spears - Loses Custody of Her Kids - Parenting Commentary Video

This is great. It must be tragic to not be able to be with your kids. Britney Spears was granted visitation rights to have supervised time with her kids. So at least Britney can still be with them from time-to-time.

Hung Wins Top Chef 3 - Top Chef Miami Finale 10/03/07

Congratulations to Hung, the winner of Top Chef 3.

Top Chef 3 - Hung Wins Top Chef 3 - Reality Television

Hung won Top Chef three. I wasn't surprised...although Casey gave him a run for his money right up until the end.

Divine - Divine Music Video - YouTube Music Videos

Divine is ... well, Divine.:D

Ron Paul Supporters Are Everywhere - Hopefully They Show Up To Vote

The best way to show your support for Ron Paul is to vote for him at the polls.;)

Jane Seymour - Tony Dovolani -Mambo - Dancing With The Stars

Could Jane Seymour be any more gorgeous? ... wow.

Sabrina Bryan - Mark Ballas - Quickstep - Dancing With The Stars - Video

These two will be very hard to beat.;)

Kanye West Interview - Kanye West Interview

Kanye West talks about the MTV video awards show.

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