Big Brother 8 USA - 7/31/07 Nick is Nominated and Dustin Gets Greedy

Tonight's Big Brother was full of surprises. The hand of fate allowed Jameka to opportunity to compete in the Power of Veto competition and she used fate and divine intervention as an excuse to play hard, win and veto Jen off the Block. I must say it was an impressive move on Jameka's part and an expensive one.

As a part of the POV competition, the guests were awarded "Big Brother Dollars" that they had an option to spend for prizes instead of hoarding them to try to win the POV competition.

Dustin walked away with both prizes when Jameka refused to spend hers to opt for $5,000 cash. It appears that Jameka may be planning a powerful run at the end with Jen and I doubt her alliance will fail to notice that they have a traitor in their midst. I highly doubt that many of them believed that it was God's will for Jameka to win and veto Jen so as soon as they have time to do the math, Jameka may wind up in trouble.

Jen seemed to throw the competition, but that really didn't make any sense. It hardly mattered who played the veto and why take the risk that Jameka might back out on her promise to use the veto to save Jen?

Dustin may have overdone it with the prizes. He should have passed on the trip and waited for something better. Now he appears both greedy and power-hungry...not a good place to be right now.

The end result was that Nick was nominated by Dustin to fill Jen's shoes on the block. Hopefully they send him packing. I just don't think I can tolerate looking at all that oil much longer...sigh.

Dick didn't seem to calm down much following his stint as HOH. He is continuing an in-your-face strategy that may not pan out too well if Nick gets voted out. They all need to remember that people are beginning to concentrate more on their sub-alliances and are merely using the major alliances to progress in the game.

All-in-all not a bad if Amber will just STOP BEING SUCH A CRYBABY...sigh

--The Clever Cynic

Jenna Elfman - Funny Comedy Video from YouTube


Animusic - 05 - Pipe Dream


Steve Martin and His Official Website, Steve - Best of the Internet

It has been ages since I gave a Best of the Internet Award. I hadn't forgotten about it, I simply hadn't seen anything worthy. Well, today is the day. Steve Martin's Official Website, is certainly deserving of a Best of the Internet Award.

The interface is amazing, bursting with color in a comic-book style that is eye-candy extraordinaire. So if you haven't seen it, go check it is definitely worth your time.

Weird Al Yankovic - Trapped In The Drive-Thru


Save Money on New and Used College and University Textbooks for Back to School

I had a real eye-opener today when I went to buy my books for graduate school. They didn't have any used copies of any of the texts I needed and the bill at the University Book Store would have been $429.00. I about popped, so I went home and got online to find a better deal.:D

It took some research. I went to the University Website and obtained the title and ISBN of all the books I needed for my classes. Then I researched for the best deal on-line.'s textbook store offered all the books I needed at a 30% markdown for the new books. They also had many of the ones I needed in their used-book inventory and that saved me even more. Some of the used books were 90% cheaper than the new copies at the University. My order came to just over $200 so they threw in free 2 day shipping and that saved me even more.

So if you don't feel like paying full price, go check it out: (this is the address)

Saving you money so you can buy important stuff like party supplies or pay for movies and dinner on dates with hot girls.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Bernard - Bakkom - Vacuum Cleaner - Free Comedy Video from YouTube


Movie Trailer - The Dark Knight - Teaser Commercial Trailer

Teasers are becoming a MAJOR promotional tool for upcoming movies. This is the "Dark Knight Movie Trailer due out summer 2008. Enjoy.

Danica McKellar How to make the World Better

Today's Celebrity Feature: Danica Mckellar. We take a look at how Winnie of "The Wonder Years", turned out.

Inspector Mom - Bride and Doom Pt1

Winnie is all-grown up now and starring in Inspector Mom.;)

Inspector Mom - Bride and Doom Pt 2

Today we look at former "The Wonder Years" star, Danica Mckellar and see how she does now as "Inspector Mom."

Danica Mckellar - Inspector Mom - Bride and Doom Pt 3

This is Winnie from, The Wonder Years," all grown up.

Help! - Vlog from YouTube

Hehe...she is actually quite funny.:D

The Simpson's Movie Video Remix Production - Spider Pig Theme Song


My Boring Life Behind the Scenes

Yup. I agree.

Great White Shark - Hawaii - Incredible Free Video


Genetically-Modified Foods, Genetically-Improved Plants and Cloning - A Closer Look

Today, we delve into an examination into all things genetically-modified. No genes were altered in the preparation of today's event and no animals were harmed in any way.

--The Clever Cynic

Genetically Modified Food and You - GM Food Video from YouTube

GM foods, the good, the bad and the ugly. Oh goodie, weed-spray tolerant crops, how comforting.:O

Genetically Modified Foods and Cloning - Video from YouTUbe

Today, we try to get the facts, IF ANY, about genetically-modified foods, cloning and the guys in white cloaks who tell about them.;)

Simpleton's Guide: Genetically Modified Foods

Here is an different perspective on genetically-modified foods. Are the fears real? Is there actually a real risk? They guy is wearing a WHITE COAT, so he must be an expert, RIGHT?;)

WTO Genetically - Modified Food - Video from YouTube

People seem to have VERY-STRONG sentiments about Genetically-modified food.

Stick Figures On Crack VI - Free Comety Video from YouTube

Big Brother 8 USA 7/29/07 Dustin Nominates Jen and Kail, Nick's Hair is Critical Again

Tonight, Dustin nominated Jen and Kail. Our housemole, Eric managed to accomplish his task once again and I am beginning to wonder if he might just be a very-strong force at the end.

Dustin is doing quite well as HOH. He hasn't let the power go to his head like Jen and Dick, while nominating two players who don't really have much power in the house should they decide to come after him for revenge.

Kail volunteered to let Dustin play her as a pawn, but Dustin made it clear to Big Brother and the viewing audience that he is merely playing her for a fool. I had a feeling, as I expressed in my analysis early on, that Kail was too power hungry too soon and that still haunts her in the game. Dick was power hungry as well, but he managed to pass it off as revenge and even though he was totally ineffective in eliminating Kail and Jen, the pair find themselves right back on the block again this week.

Apparently Big Brother hasn't called Nick into the Diary Room for a while to tell him to, "WASH YOUR HAIR YOU IDIOT," so he is looking really greasy, with strands of mess that I assume are hair streaming down from the top of his head. I am praying he either gets evicted soon or wins HOH and the basket contains a lot of personal-hygiene goodies.

Daniele is still an emotional mess and Daddy Dick has his work cut out for him to keep his "relationship" with her sound enough to win the game, pocket the money. Dustin may have other plans for the money that don't include Evil Dick, so Dick better stay on his toes.

Jameka is playing a savvy game here and she and Jessica may prove to be a tough duo toward the end. I have a sneaky suspicion that they will vote to keep Jen to use until they don't need her anymore.

All-in-all, the house guests all better start figuring out a way to beat Dustin, who was my favorite to win from early on. He is still working the other house guests and has listening and communication skills galore. Dick probably THINKS he is running the show, but unless he figures out a way to work Nick out of the house, he may be in trouble.

Come back after the next show for more Big Brother goodness...

--The Clever Cynic

And Now for the Most-Hideous Looking Webpage Ever

Here is the most-hideous looking website I have ever seen.

--The Clever Cynic

Jumbo Squid - The Giant Humbold Squid

Here is a good look at what might be lurking below the surface along some California beaches.

HUGE squid are Showing Up Along California Coast

Here is a close look at what you can expect to find in a lot of the waters off the California Coast.

Calamari - Hundreds of JUMBO Squids Showing Up on CA Coast

Now celebrities are not the only thing to fear in California. That's right, giant squid are quite numerous, so watch out if you go in the ocean.;)


Who on earth would lick a toilet stall?

Crazy Frog-Popcorn - Animated Video Production


Crazy Frog - Cool Animated Video Production from YouTube

Love it.

Astronauts Moon Landing Hoax - Wires Footage

Over the years, a lot of speculation has arisen over the "moon walk." People have debated endlessly over whether they REALLY walked on the moon. My question is ...DOES IT REALLY MATTER? The fact that someone walks on the moon has absolutely no impact on anyone's life whatsoever. Sure, no one likes to be conned, but either way in the really does not matter.

Launch! Blogher 2007 - Video Interview

Last weekend was the "Hlogher" 2007 convention in Chicago. This event celebrated the women who blog to share personal experience and insights. They gathered to decide upon an issue of focus for the year and decided to focus on health to try to make a difference. Good luck with your objective.;)

Lindsay Lohan -I Know Who Killed Me - Video Movie Trailer

I have a feeling that a sequel to this called, "I Know How My Career Ended" starring Lindsay Lohan may never actually go to production.;)

The Passengers in the Vehicle on Lindsay Lohan's Latest Wild Ride Hire Attorneys

Apparently two men who were along for perhaps the most famous car chase since O.J. Simpson's white Ford Bronco escapade, didn't enjoy the ride, according to an article on

The two men claim that they begged Lindsay to stop and weren't too happy when she refused to comply. The men haven't filed suit yet, and hope to resolve the matter out of court.

--The Clever Cynic

Amy Sedaris - I Like You

Will she be the next "Martha Stewart?"

Free Comedy VIdeo - Daniel Tosh-Cargo Pants


Free Family Guy Video Family Guy- Best of Stewie #7!


Spock Chosen for New J. J. Abrams Star Trek Film

Zachary Quinto was chosen to play Spock in a new J. J. Abrams Star Trek Movie, according to digital spy.

If you aren't familiar with Quinto, who is best known for his role on NBC's "Heroes," you can learn more about him here. One thing is a good bet, Quinto will be sporting pointy ears for the new film.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Nicole Richie Sentenced to Serve 4 days in Jail for DUI

According to ITV news, Nicole Richie was sentenced to 4 days in jail, fined and sentenced to serve three years of probation for a DUI conviction She must serve her jail sentence by September 28th.

I have a feeling we will have an episode of "Nicole Goes to Jail"...when will it all end?

--The Clever Cynic

Blog of a Real Russian Mail - Order Bride

I seriously doubt anything could make her happy.;) She is the most self-asbsorbed person I have ever seen. She left Russia to marry this guy and now wants to be a stripper.:D

Astronauts Prohibited by NASA from Drinking 12 Hours Prior to Launch

Apparently some Astronauts like to take a little nip now and then, according to an article on

In the aftermath of a report that claimed that some astronauts of varying nationalities had been drinking heavily before takeoff, NASA banned drinking for astronauts during the 12-hour period prior to takeoff. NASA did go on to say, however, that, "NASA said it isn't aware of any astronauts who were drunk before a flight but that it is investigating."

Apparently the new 12-hour rule is a precautionary measure until NASA can gather all the facts.None-the-less, tonight we take a look into astronauts and their various adventures.

--The Clever Cynic

Astronauts on Moon Surface (2x speed)

Here, the astronauts try to walk in a straight line. I couldn't find footage where they asked them to touch thier noses.;)

The Astronauts - Firewater

NO, THIS IS NOT A PRE-LAUNCH PARTY. I think it is merely a music video, so do not be alarmed.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Talks About a UFO During Apollo 11.

Buzz is a very-fine name for an astronaut.:)

How Astronauts Do it in Outer Space

Apparently they have a Porcelain God in outerspace in case the astronauts need to kneel.;)

Ancient Astronauts - An Investigation

Tonight we take a look at astronauts, past and present. Here we look at a video of ancient evidence that Astronauts may not be a modern development.

Ghosts of American Astronauts - Mekons

Tonight we take a look at Astronauts. Here is some theme music to get us started.

Jealous Astronaut

Those Astronauts are some wascals.;)

Funny Commercial: Astronaut Job Available


The Newest Simpsons Movie Trailer

Ohhhh.....a SECRET. :O

The Simpsons Movie Exclusive Never Before Seen Movie Trailer!

I can't wait to see this. Apparently it is quite a hit.;)

MMORPG News - Halo Wars Game Trailer

WOW...this looks AWESOME.

Five Hot, Naked Chicks in the Bath Tub (sexy video)

Sexy eh?

Naked Chicks! - Hot Sexy Video from YouTube


Gina Angelina's Hot Bikini and Lingerie Shows

Be sure to visit our new site affiliate, Gina Angelina for Hot Bikini and Lingerie shows.

--The Clever Cynic

Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock IGN Preview

Here is a look at Guitar Hero 3. Guitar Hero is a video game where you become a guitar player in a rock band...complete with guitar. Check it out if you havn't heard of it yet.

Panda Tears Bottled Water


The Blue Guy Rocks! - A Close Look at Bottled Water

Tonight we take a close look at the advantages (if any) of bottled water vs. the huge environmental cost.

Smack The Pony - Bottled Water Contest

:D I think this one sums it all up.;)

World's Most-Expensive Car Wash

Wow. All those resources to wash a car...sigh

The Most-Expensive Home In The US - Donald Trump's New House

Here is a look at The Donald's new digs.

The World's Most-Expensive Bottled Water

A look at bottled water. Is all that packaging worth the cost in global warming?

The Truth About Bottled Water - Video from YouTube

They say our landfills are being overburdened by bottled-water bottles. Is it worth it?

Arctic Tale Video Movie Trailer: In theaters July 25th

You might want to go see this movie before the polar icecap melts.;)

Out Of Reach - Video Production by Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Another Masterpiece by one of the VHS gurus.

Beyonce Falls During a Concert in Orland Recently and Went on with the Show

Tonight I salute Beyonce Knowles. According to an article on, Beyonce took a bad fall during her show in Orlando. THANKFULLY, she is allright. In fact, after falling down several flights of stairs she went back on stage and got on with the show...WHAT A WOMAN.

--The Clever Cynic

Beyonce Knowles - Irreplaceable

Apparently she is indestructible too. You GOTTA admire this woman for going on with the show after such a nasty fall.

Holly Valance on Don't Give Up Your Day Job

Holly Valance has been getting a LOT of buzz lately. Here is a closer look at the shining new star.

Robot Chicken- Mortal Kombat - Comedy VIdeo from YouTube


The Simpson Movie Trailer - Video Preview from YouTube

Simpson's awesomeness. It might be fun to check out this movie this weekend.

Kaye Styles Prison Break Anthem - Music Video from YouTube

Hey, this could be Lindsay Lohan's new theme song.

Clues VIdeo Movie Trailer - I Know Who Killed Me - YouTube

This is the clues trailer to the hot new movie, "I know who killed me."

Harry Potter in the Hood - Comedy Music Video from YouTube

These days, you just never know where Harry Potter will crop up.

Saturday Morning Cartoons - Cynic Style


Movie News - Get Smart Video Movie Trailer

Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming movie.

Lindsay Lohan's Wax Figure in Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum Changed to Jail Suit

According to an article at UGO, Lindsay Lohan's outfit has been changed to jail attire, following her latest arrest. Apparently that is what they feel the future holds for our glam girl.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Big Brother 8 USA - 7/26/2007 - Eric Proves Ineffective, Nick Slicks Back His Hair and Mike Goes Home

On tonight's Big Brother episode, our housemole had the tough job of trying to get Kail evicted from the house. Despite an admirable effort, Mike ended up going home and Kail sits comfortably in the house.

In the HOH competition, Dustin emerged the winner in a Big Brother Trivia game where a person who got a question right chose a housemate to evict. It soon became clear who the house guest's friends were and I have a feeling they will remember who sent them to the bench.

Dustin is in good shape right now. With the HOH firmly in hand he can eliminate one of his opponents and solidify the position of his alliance. I have a feeling that he will nominate Jen, Kail or Zach, or some combination of those three. A lot can change in a day in the Big Brother House and our housemole is a bit of a wildcard, subject to the whim of the American public.

I must say, Dustin is playing a SOUND game at this point and barring a power-hungry tyrannical stint as HOH he is pretty much running the game.

Dick THINKS he is running the game, but I think Dustin and company are merely letting Dick be the bad guy while they sit back and bide their time.

The HOH this week will force that alliance to the forefront. The true test will be how well Dustin handles the power.

Jameka is in a nice groove and is holding steady and flying low.

Nick is becoming quite the Casanova with slicked back hair and moustache. I guess he figures that if he just greases it back he can save on shampoo.;)

Jessica is a wildcard. There seems to be a huge alliance with sub-groups and I am not quite sure where she fits into the picture...if at all.

Eric is not playing a bad game. He doesn't seem to have much power, but at this stage that isn't really crucial. He doesn't seem to have many enemies either and went a long way in tonight's HOH before being eliminated due to buzzing in too soon.

Jessica is still a mess emotionally about being played by Nick. I don't feel that she is much of a force in the game right now but if Nick goes home before she does, she may wind up doing OK in a duo with Daddy Dick.

All-in-all it was a pretty-good show tonight.

--The Clever Cynic

Hard Rock Casino, Florida U.S.A.

This is sweet. I plan to go there on my next trip.

Lindsay Lohan - My Innocence

Lindsay Lohan has declared taht she is innocent regarding her latest run-in with the police.

Lindsay lohan Music Video - Music Video from YouTube


Polka - Vancouver Film School - VFS - Video Production

I must say this is ART.

Brian and Stewie Try to Escape the Army - Free Comedy Video from YouTube


Family Guy Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes at one of America's funniest series.;)

Homer Simpson vs Peter - 2 Comedy Video from YouTube


Bernard - Bakkom Comedy Video


Lindsay Lohan - Harry Potter - Comedy Skit

Lindsay doing some comedy;)

LOST Fans Can Rejoice - I Guess

LOST fans, do you remember Michael? The guy played by Harold Perrineau who sold out his friends on the island to consummate a deal that allowed him and son Walt to escape? Well, according to an article on Yahoo News, he is slated to return this season. I have a feeling he will get a luke-warm reception from those stranded there.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Lindsay Lohan Could Face up to a Year Of Confinment for her Latest Charges

According to an article on Google Entertainment, Lindsay Lohan could face up to a year behind bars and judging from the tough stance taken with Paris Hilton, I doubt she will get celebrity treatment. She is (see next post) however, claiming innocence regarding drug charges, so thing may not go that badly for her ... it all depends upon whether she can prove her claim.

I am not sure if I could stand a year of "Lindsay Goes to Jail" similar to "Paris Goes to Jail" so let's hope she is innocent.:D

--The Clever Cynic

The OFFICIAL J.K. Rowling Spoilers, Straight from the Author Herself

In an article on, J.K. Rowling reveals secrets that she has had to withhold all of these years during interviews about the Harry Potter Series. Besides revealing secrets about the books, the author tells that she may write a "Harry Potter Encyclopedia."
She wants a break from writing, apparently she has been a very-busy woman these past few years.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Lindsay Lohan Claims She is Innocent Regarding the Drug Charges

Lindsay Lohan claimed that she is innocent regarding the felony drug charges leveled against her, according to an article on In a note to Billy Bush, she said she had not used drugs at the time and the drugs found in her car did not belong to there may be a lot more about this story in the coming weeks.
Well I am sure there will be a LOT more to come about this story, but now it will include a whodunnit about the drugs.;)

Lindsay Arrested - Video from YouTube

Here is the video footage of Lindsay's latest mess. Today she is cooling her heels in rehab.

Museum of Modern Art NYC The MoMA

I bring you today the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Everyone out to see it at least once.;) So, next time you are in NYC catch a cab is well worth the trip.

Lindsay Lohan Returns to Rehab Following Yesterday's Driving Mess

Lindsay Lohan returned to rehab following yesterday's run-in with the police, according to an article in

Her untimely arrest kept her from appearing on the Jay Leno show where she was supposed to show off her braclet that was a badge of her sobriety...sigh

I wasn't really convinced by that display anyway.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Last Legion - Movie Trailer - Video from YouTube

Looks awesome.

Candidates@Google: Ron Paul - Politicians Embrace the Internet This Election

The politicians are quick this election to embrace technology to get their point across. Here is one Republican view.

CNN YouTube Debate - Democratic - Defining Liberal - Political Video from YouTube

In an forward move, the Democrats chose to embrace YouTube as a forum for expressing their viewpoints. The Republicans have some catching up to do.;)

Cnn YouTube Debate - Democratic - Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton

Here, Hilliary manages QUITE the witty reply.;)

YouTube Debate: If a Wemocrat Were Elected Will Taxes Go Up? - YouTube Video

The Democrats made a smart move embracing YouTube as a forum for debate.;)

Obama CNN Edwards Democratic YouTube Debate Discuss Sex Ed - YouTube

Thankfully, Hillary didn't have to answer this one.;)

Video Movie Trailer - The Last Legion Trailer - In Theaters August 17th

This looks AWESOME.

Energy Savign Advice - Holly Hunter

Every stap taken to cut energy consumption helps global warming.

The XYZ Affair - Comedy Music Video from YouTube

This is a riot. History has changed a LOT. :O

The CNN/YouTube Debate - tour of the set

Tonight we take a look into the YouTube Debate.

Cnn YouTube Debate- Democratic-

Tonight we take a look at the impact YouTube is having on this year's election.

Cnn YouTube Debate- Democratic- Iraq

Somehow, I think the first guy uses "pull out" a lot.;)

Global Warming - Cnn YouTube Debate- Democratic- Energy Issues

YouTube is playing a MAJOR role in this year's election. Here is a glimpse.

Show Us How You Shake It! - $10,000 Video Production Contest

Here is a way you can win $10,000 for being a video artist. I am not endorsing spraypainting on any surface. There a probably a variety of mediums you can use for expression of your love of chalky sure to read the rules.

Big Brother 8 - 7/24/07 - Dick Becomes too Controlling and Kail Plays Mike for a Fool

In tonight's episode, the housemole, Eric achieved his objective by secretly vandalizing Jen's pillow with mustard. I have to say I am not big on vandalizing anything and am kind of disappointed that Big Brother chose to make the personal invasion of someone's space a part of the show.
Eric's ploy allowed Jen to lie low because everyone wanted to appear innocent. That is the problem with anonymous acts of cruelty. So often, the victim is some third-party who played no role in the event at all.
Kail played a very-smart move tonight that changed the course of the game--IF she wins the vote. She managed to shift the target from her back to Mike's, while putting him on the block to replace Jen, the winner of the POV. Kail has slimmed and toned since entering the house and life there seems to be agreeing with her.;)
Tonight's POV competition was classic. Half the houseguests donned Alice in Wonderland costumes and balanced glasses on their heads, while the others donned costumes and tried to taunt them in to messing up.
Right away, it was easy to tell where loyalties lay in the house and Kail managed to get Mike to do her dirty work by taunting Dick to the point of anger, giving Jen the POV and making Mike a bigger threat in Dick's eyes to the extent that Dick nominated him when Jen obviously used the POV to remover herself from the block. Marcalis remains the only BB contestant ever, stupid enough to refuse to save their own hide. Congrats, Marcalis.
Eric our houseguest will get a new target for elimination via a viewer poll, so I don't know where his vote lies. If he can wrangle his way into a sound alliance mid-game he may go far. The assignments give him a look into public sentiment and that can't hurt his chances.
Dustin, Jameka and Amber are playing the smartest game. They are letting the power-hungry alliances duke it out while they enjoy the pleasures of houselife.
Nick is still working Daniele and overdoing it in my estimation. I have no idea if he has "real" feelings for her and in such a contrived setting I hardly think that matters. Gamewise, he is not playing it smart by creating a special bond or by angering Dick by appearing to play his daughter.
Dick had the game well in hand until he kept trying to control the whole house following his nominations. If you are HOH, once you nominate, it really doesn't matter who goes home. He managed to make another enemy in the house and certainly didn't make any friends along the way. He even managed to break down the renewed bond that had started to develop with his daughter Daniele. His strength seems to lie in competitions...the man is amazing. He is always in the final two at the end of every go around.
In all honesty, Jen may be playing the smartest game of all. She is considered to be mutually-disliked and this may play very well to her advantage. She has managed to slip back into the woodwork after a pretty straightforward stint as HOH.
Of all the players, Dustin seems in the best spot. Once the major alliances finish grinding their axes his group may propel him into a sweet spot at the end. It is still early in the game and a lot can change but for now he is doing quite well.
--The Clever Cynic

--The Clever Cynic

Movie Review - Chuck and Larry - I Now Pronounce You

Here is video-movie review of this weekends popular hit.

Video Movie Trailer - I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Seems that Chuck and Larry are a big hit at the box office. Might be something to do this weekend. So hook up with a hot date and go check it out.

Drew Carey Named to replace Bob Barker - Computer Crash

Drew Carey is probably doing the happy dance. He was named today to replace Bob Barker. Grats, Drew.

Drew Carey - Named to Replace Bob Barker - Five O'Clock World

Yes, it is true, according to the television show, "Extra!" Drew Carey will replace Bob Barker as the new host of "The Price is Right." Welcome to the Five-O'Clock world Drew.;)

Lindsay Lohan Best Pictures - Here is a Good Look at Our Gal Lindsay

Today just wasn't one of Lindsay's better days. Read on for the full story.

Coin-Slot-Cream Lindsay Lohan Commerical


Lindsay Lohan Freaky Friday - Take Me Away

Well, today they took her away allright.;) Hmm...this could be her new themesong.:D

Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff Avril Lavigne Spoof - Saturday Night Live

Lindsay starts off by bragging about hosting SNL at age 17...sigh.

Lindsay Lohan - Drama Queen - Arrested AGAIN..sigh

Lindsay Lohan had another bad day today.

Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan Arrested AGAIN Today

According to an article on the, Lindsay Lohan was arrested AGAIN today. According to the LA times, "Lohan, already facing a drunken-driving charge in Beverly Hills, was stopped in the 1800 block of Main Street near the police station after officers said the mother of Lohan's assistant reported a car chase."
Apparently Lindsay Lohan was allegedly chasing her assistant's mother of all people...sigh.
They quote Lindsay's Lawyer as saying that, "addiction is a terrible and vicious disease." Lindsay declined a sobriety test at the scene.
--The Clever Cynic
The Clever Cynic

Global Warming - Golden Girls - the Best Answer for Global Warming

The best solution to Global Warming is to CURB POPULATION GROWTH. So the Golden Girls give us the answer.

Most Genuine Aliens Photos (1950s-2000s)

Here are supposedly some of the "most-genuine" alien photos. Thought this would be a good way to begin our continued look into aliens, crop circles and television.;)

UFO - Crop Circles and Alien Skull -

We take a continued look into aliens and crop circles. I am still not-quite convinced. Until aliens whisk me away to Taco Bell for some take out, I probably will remain on the fence.;)

Crop Circles Slideshow - Amazing Video from YouTube


The Crop Circle Ship - Blueprints in the Crop Circles

Speaking of aliens, here is a continued look into Crop Circles.

The 4400 Pilot 1 - The Start of "The 4400" series

This shows you how it all began. You can check out the show Sundays on USA.

The 4400 - Video Trailer Overview of the Show

This Trailer gives you a good idea what the show, "The 4400" is about. You can check it out Sunday Nights on USA.

The 4400:Shawn / Nikki / Isabelle - Sample Clip from The 4400

This will give you a feel for what the show is like.;)

The 4400 - TV Series Trailer - Science Fiction Fantasy Series on USA

There is a hot-new series you may not have heard about. It is called "The 4400." This mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy is becoming very popular so you may want to check it out Sundays on USA.

Titanic: The Sequel - Movie Video Trailer from YouTube


Crop Circles - An Investigation - Fact or Fantasy

Tonight, I set out to investigate crop circles. (Meaning I set out to make fun of crop circles and the people who believe they are caused by UFOs) What I discovered astounded me. I found powerful, compelling video-evidence on such a grand scale that I began to seriously doubt that evidence so vast and so convincing could be an elaborate hoax.
The videos I have selected, particularly the "Google Earth Crop Circle" video, are among the most-powerful videos I have ever seen. The evidence is astounding. The conclusion disquieting. These crop circles may very-well be real. You decide for yourself. Let the investigation begin.
--The Clever Cynic

Yatesbury Field crop Circles x2 filmed on the 7th June 2007

This gives an up-close view of crop cricles in the field.

First Crop Circle Concert ~ Prashant Trivedi

This is the first and HOPEFULLY LAST crop circle concert. hehe :D

UFOTV: Crop Circle Mystery Part 1-In The Air

Tonight we examine the natuer of crop circles. I must say this is some of the most-compelling video I have ever seen.

TV's Sunrise - Crop Circles - Video from YouTube

Tonight we try to get the facts on crop circles.

UFOs Making Crop Circles - Video from YouTube

Hmmm....reality ...or hoax?

Crop Circles on Google Earth

This is one of the most-amazing videos I have ever seen.

The Truth about Crop Circles - VIdeo from YouTube

Crop Circles, hoax or reality?

Video Production and the Internet - the Wave of the Future

Streaming video, from YouTube and other sources, is transforming the Internet. Broadband and DSL have brought video into the mainstream for information and entertainment, transforming once-static web pages into an explosion of color and sound.
The video industry is booming. Tech-savvy companies realize that a single well-executed video clip can entice millions of viewers who eagerly stream or download the video to their home computers.
For businesses willing to take the plunge, this opens up a new arena to grab the attention of a young, tech-savvy audience. Many of the videos on YouTube and other streaming sources have had millions of pageviews. Some of the most popular are actually advertisements that pack a lot of visual eyecandy with music and action. Online video is one of the most effective ways to generate attention for a brand name. Companies that are virtually unknown can become household names overnight if they manage to create a video with mass appeal
The business world needs to take a close look at what online video can do for them. So today, we take a close look at the power of animation.
--The Clever Cynic

RG Studios - Backkom - Video Animation Comedy

Streaming Video is becoming huge on the Internet. Today we look at some of the finest work in the field.

Theresa Duncan - Closet Cases - The Dred Case - Animation Production

Today we look at talented animation artists and their work.

Closet Cases: Slice of Bread - Produced by Theresa Duncan

Another look into animation.

Contest Open Doors - Movie Trailer - Video Animation Movie Trailer

Apparently you can win a chance to live in the Biggest Mansion Ever Built on Campus.

Zombies? - Vancouver Film School - Animation Production Sample

A sample of the amazing work that can be produced with video animation.

Typographics - Vancouver Film School - Video Production Techniques

Today we take a look at the newest-online craze, ondemand video.

The Making of Piece of Mind - Video Production, the Inside Scoop

"Piece of Mind" has had over 500,000 views. It is easy to see how vast an audience video median can attract on the Internet.

Piece of Mind - Vancouver Film School (VFS) - Film and Video Production Techniques

Online streaming video is transforming the internet. Here is a look at some of the techniques.

Bernard and Mouse - Bakkom Comedy Video from YouTube


Big Brother 8 USA 7/22/07 Analysis and Update

I must say my analysis was perfectly on track again this week. Dick nominated Jen and Kail, Nick overplayed Daniele and Jen was pretty quiet (thankfully) around the house.

Dick is playing a VERY-savvy game at this point. He was able to nominate Jen and Kail and honestly, no one could blame him. Both had recently gone after him in some way and would would blame Dick for turning the tables once he held the reins of power?

Nick is overdoing the romance with Daniele a bit. He may or may not have "real" feelings for Daniele, and quite frankly I don't care, but with her Daddy in the power seat I would have played it cool this week and hung out with the guys.;)

As I predicted last analysis, Kail is finding out that she doesn't have much of an alliance. Zach and Mike didn't exactly vote along party lines in the vote that sent Joe packing.

Jameka is seeming a bit emotional for this stage of the game. She ought to be in full-stride at this point and she is still crying over stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with winning a huge amount of cash. FOCUS Jameka, FOCUS.

Dick and Daniele are holding steady and if Daniele can pull off a win in the HOH next go 'round I have a feeling either she or Daddy Dick may go a LONG way.

Dick played it really smart by nominating Jen and Kail. Each is from a different faction and either way it goes he will lose a real adversary in the house, unless there is some major action in the POV process. Jen is guaranteed at least one vote against since our housemole, Eric, will try to fulfill America's desire to send Jen Dick will also get a very-clear picture of how party lines are drawn, once he analyzes the vote.

Amber and Dustin are playing it smart and keeping a low profile. They may be quite competitive later on. A lot depends how this week's competitions play out.

--The Clever Cynic

Apple iPhone Guided Tour (iPhone Presentation)

I found a video that gives a really good look at the iPhone. So if you havn't seen it up close, here is a closer look.
--The Clever Cynic

Guess the Word - Amusing Video from YouTube

WOW, she must be talking about this website.:D hehe

Paris Hilton, Penelope Cruz, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears and a Host of Hot Celebrities Show Off Their Pets on E!

In an article on E!, you can see all of the hot celebrity girls with their pooches. So if you like animals and enjoy hot celebrity girls, go check it out.

--The Clever Cynic

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer

Well the much aclaimed book is out now. Here is the trailer in case you still don't have your copy.;)

Nicole Richie Baby Rumor - Beverly Hillbillies: Jethro Bodine, Audio Engineer

Everyone is trying to guess who might be the father of the baby rumor. It is apparently hard to narrow the field, so I am trying to help. Could it be Jethro Clampett? I really don't think so.

Nicole Richie Baby Rumor - Pee Wee Herman Large marge

I am trying to help narrow the field as people try to guess who might have bragging rights about Nicole Richie's unconfirmed baby bump. Is it Pee Wee Herman? I VERY MUCH think...NO.

Tears Dry on Their Own - Amy Winehouse Tests This with Spit

Apparently spit will dry on it's own according to recent tests Amy conducted on her fans during a recent concert, according to an article on AOL news.;)

Amy Winehouse Spits on Fans, Fueling Speculation that She is Worse than Paris Hilton and Britney Spears Who Do not Spit on Their Fans

In an article on AOL News, we learn that Amy Winehouse Spat on her fans during a concert. Apparently once you have paid admission you are free game. So if you go to an Amy Winehouse concert, wear protection.

--The Clever Cynic

Rumors Continue to Circulate About the Possibility that Nicole Richie Might be Pregnant

According to an article on AOL news, rumors still circulate that Nicole Richie may be pregnant, particularly since she hasn't publicly denied the rumors.

Now even more speculation is arising about who might have bragging rights about being the father....sigh

--The Clever Cynic

Madonna-Hollywood (Music Video)

I must say, Madonna can make a cool video.

Madonna's Great Body! - Video from YouTube

Today, an investigation. Is Madonna getting too buff?

Madonna - Open Your Heart - Music from Madonna

This is Madonna pre-buffed look.;)

Madonna's Gym in London - Video from YouTube

This is where Madonna is getting that over-done buff look.;)

Get Strong Arms like Madonna Exercise Video

I am not entirely SURE that women actually WANT arms like Madonna.

Is Madonna Overdoing the Workouts?

In an article on E!, I saw a recent photo of Madonna. She is so toned the muscles literally ripple. Is our Material Girl a bit-too toned now?

Ron Clark Story Music Video

The Emmy Nominations are in. Matthew Perry wes nominated for an Emmy as well. Good Luck, Matthew.

HBO Virtually Owns the 2007 Emmy Nominations

According to an article on, the HBO film, "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" topped the list of Emmy-nominated productions. Apparently, HBO has a good eye for entertainment value and goes the extra mile to bring viewers a bang for their buck.

--The Clever Cynic

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Video Preview Trailer from YouTube

I read the book, "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," when I was 13 years old. I had a really progressive history teacher who had enough guts to suggest the book to the class. He did warn us that it had really-realistic content. That book forever changed my view of the universe.

*Official* Hairspray Movie Trailer

Here is the movie trailer from, "Hairspray." This movie is getting a lot of buzz. Here is a sneak preview.

There is a New World's Tallest Building

The USA no longer hosts the world's-tallest building. That dubious distinction now belongs to a high-rise building in Dubai in the UAE. According to an article on AOL news, the building, named, "Burj Dubai," took a year and a half to complete. Can you imagine how many bathrooms that building holds? Thankfully, the building isn't located in some third-world nation where the bathroom is actually the street or local dock.;)

The Latest Harry Potter Book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," Hit Store Shelves Today

The latest Harry Potter book hit the shelves today. Actually it hit the shelves EVER WHERE. There were selling Harry Potter books in the grocery store along with Harry Potter candy, Harry Potter chocolate and Harry Potter toilet tissue. Yes, you guessed it, I made it up about the toilet tissue.
Just think about how many "reserve your advanced copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book now" will be deleted today.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Lindsay Lohan Arrested

According to an article on E!, Lindsay Lohan has been officially arrested for her latest driving debacle. Apparently the police hadn't forgotten about her drunk-driving or hit and run charges while she was in rehab.

Some people just can't catch a lucky break. Why is it that the stuff we most want people to forget never seems to be the stuff they forget? I'll bet Lindsay is wishing that they had forgotten all this and remembered to pick up her drycleaning instead.;)
I suppose we will have to endure a chapter similar to "Paris Goes to Jail." ... sigh

--The Clever Cynic

Bernard - Diving Board Episode

Hehe. Saturday cartoons.:D

Funny Bird Flu Flash Animation

Hehe. ;)

George Bush Bans Torture from CIA Questioning

In an article in BakuToday, I learned that George Bush, in a humanitarian move, which I am all for by the way, signed a bill banning torture during CIA questioning. This means those brought in for questioning no longer have to fear being forced to watch Bush's speeches.

--The Clever Cynic

Sexy Paris Hilton Car Wash - Paris Hilton Has a New Boyfriend

If you read on in tonight's posts, you will learn about Paris Hilton's new beau. This is what it will look like once he trains her to wash his car. ;)

Return of the Dorks - the Search for Paris Hilton's Next Boyfriend

All of these guys stood in line for hours, hoping to be Paris Hilton's new boyfriend. Sorry guys...the spot has been filled.;)

Paris Hilton has New Boyfriend - Surfer Tyler Atkins

According to an article on E!, Paris Hilton has a new knight in shining armor.. surfer and designer, Tyler Atkins. I must say it doesn't surprise me, surfers get all the girls.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Xu Jinglei - Confession of Pain

Here is an example of Xu Jinglei's work. She is one of the most-famouse women in China and now the World's Top Blogger.

Confession of Pain - Xu Jinglei Interview (CCTV6 Report)

This woman now has the most-popular blog on Technorati. Congrats, Xu. She is amazing really.

Xu Jingleithe Queen of Blogs - Video from YouTube

This woman, a Chinese Actress/Director set up a blog 4 months ago. Her blog is now the most-popular blog on Technorati with over 1,150,000 views. Amazing really.

Blue Man Group - Subway Video




cPanel - How To : [Mail, Webmail, Change Pass, Parked, Addons]

Wow, if you have your own domain and it has cPanel, this is COOL.

Harry Potter - X-men - Video from YouTube

Ever notice just how similar the two series actually are?

Big Brother 8 USA - 7/19/07 - Analysis and Update

On tonight's Big Brother, Joe goes home, evil Dick escapes eviction, then goes on to win Head of Household.

Joe was evicted tonight in a 9 - 1 vote. I must say I wasn't surprised. He and Carol were in my estimation, the two-weakest players and hence the first to go.

Dick is actually turning out to be a sound player and actually I kind of like his style. I must say that he and daughter Daniele hang TOUGH in all the competitions. Again the pair was in at the very end of a tough competition.

Jameka and Eric seem in a good form as the coasters in the house. Our little housemole had an easy assignment to have Joe evicted from the house. It will be interesting to see how well he fares next go 'round.

My guess is that Dick will nominate Kail and Jen. He may decide to nominate Jessica to keep her from voting for Jen, but my best guess is that he will want to divide the two big alliances along party lines to split the vote. I expect Dick to make a smart set of nominations....I hope he doesn't disappoint. In fact, this may very well be Jen's last few days in the house. There is a chance that Dick will nominate Nick to make sure that Daniele stays loyal.;) A lot can happen between now and the nomination show, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Mike and Zach may see their power base crumble. Nick is a dubious member at best and even if Dick doesn't nominate him this round I doubt they can count on Nick for long. Kail seems weaker than I first thought so it will be a good test to see how she does if she goes on the block against Jen.

Anyway it plays out it will be fun to watch. Enjoy the show.

--The Clever Cynic

Victora Beckham to Star in New Reality Show to Start Tonight on Bravo

Victoria Beckham fans and soon to be fans will want to check out Victoria Beckham's new reality-television show tonight on Bravo. The femme fatale will star in a series featuring her move to LA... should be an interesting show. So tonight, we take a look at this amazing star.

--The Clever Cynic

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