Harry Potter Fans are Getting a Full Copy of the Book in Text form in the Mail

In an article from Gulfnews.com, Harry Potter fans are receiving a copy of the book in a pdf file via e-mail. The e-mail originated in India and apparently contains the full book or a VERY-good copy. I can't imagine anyone fabricating 600 pages so it may be real.

--The Clever Cynic

Avoid These Mistakes When Planning to Finance College Expenses

In an article on Yahoo! Finance, they list 7 things to avoid when planning to finance for college. These can save you some MAJOR money so you may want to check it out. Or my 8th bit of advice, skip college and go in to business.;) I know from experience how fast college debt can pile up ... I spent WAY TOO LONG in college.
--The Clever Cynic

Big Brother 8 USA 7- 15 - 07 Update and Analysis

On tonight's Big Brother, Jen nominated Dick and Daniele, some houseguests went on a second week of slop and Jen came up with a new word with "Jen" hidden inside the text.

On tonight's show, America wanted our housemole, Eric, to work to get Jessica evicted from the house. I must say he did a VERY- convincing job and actually seemed to plant some seeds of discontent in Jen's mind about Jessica as a threat. Jen clearly wants to be the "hot chick" in the house and with romance starting to simmer between Nick and Daniele, she nominated Daniele and her closest-ally and father, Dick. She claimed she wants to eliminate the people in the house with negativism. I think she wore the wrong shirt tonight...it should have read "Jenocide.";) I also think she hopes to break up another of the "rival" teams. Dustin and Joe aer probably next. Special relationships never fare well in reality TV, particularly ones with ties to the real world.

Dick hasn't played the smartest game since the last show. He went out of his way to pull Jen's chain when she supposedly woke him up by going in to the room to talk about her hair of all things (rolls eyes). To me, I could get over some lost sleep for a huge sum of money in a house where there is little else to do but eat, swim and sleep, but apparently Dick has different priorities. Either Dick or Daniele will go barring a heroic attempt to win the POV by Eric to satiate America's whims to try to veto Daniele or Dick to free up a slot for Jessica. I did notice that Jen rolled her eyes when Jessica thanked her for the key, so her hopes are slim if Dick gets vetoed. It would be a smarter pay for Eric to veto Dick rather than Daniele because Eric doesn't have many apparent allies in the house.

As for the others, they are laying low and are just glad they are not the one on the block.

--The Clever Cynic

iPhone vs. Windows Mobile - A Cheaper Alternative to the iPhone?

Hmmm ... interesting.

Emulating The iPhone Interface On A PocketPC

Hmmm...is the iPhone mostly SOFTWARE? :O

iPhone - VIdeo from YouTube - Video de iPhone

Tonight we examine the iPhone.;)

iBloggin - How to Blog from iPhone - Using iPhone to Make Blog Posts

Wow I must say this is a SWEET feature. :O

iPhone - the Eye Phone - Cell Phone Video from YouTube


My iPhone Diary - The Features of the IPhone - Video de iPhone

Tonight we examine the iPhone. The features, the price and the status value.;)

iPhone - Is the iPhone Worth the Price? - Video de iPhone

A close look at the features of the latest new toy. Is it worth the price?

A Closer Look At The iPhone - Video de IPhone - iPhone Videos

All the details on the hottest new gadget.

Funny Cartoon - Free Comedy Cartoon from YouTube


Bernard Bear in Gym - Free Comedy Video from YouTube

Sunday...workout day.;)

Big Brother 8 USA Episode 4 Part 4 - A Recap

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