Harry Potter - X-men - Video from YouTube

Ever notice just how similar the two series actually are?

Big Brother 8 USA - 7/19/07 - Analysis and Update

On tonight's Big Brother, Joe goes home, evil Dick escapes eviction, then goes on to win Head of Household.

Joe was evicted tonight in a 9 - 1 vote. I must say I wasn't surprised. He and Carol were in my estimation, the two-weakest players and hence the first to go.

Dick is actually turning out to be a sound player and actually I kind of like his style. I must say that he and daughter Daniele hang TOUGH in all the competitions. Again the pair was in at the very end of a tough competition.

Jameka and Eric seem in a good form as the coasters in the house. Our little housemole had an easy assignment to have Joe evicted from the house. It will be interesting to see how well he fares next go 'round.

My guess is that Dick will nominate Kail and Jen. He may decide to nominate Jessica to keep her from voting for Jen, but my best guess is that he will want to divide the two big alliances along party lines to split the vote. I expect Dick to make a smart set of nominations....I hope he doesn't disappoint. In fact, this may very well be Jen's last few days in the house. There is a chance that Dick will nominate Nick to make sure that Daniele stays loyal.;) A lot can happen between now and the nomination show, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Mike and Zach may see their power base crumble. Nick is a dubious member at best and even if Dick doesn't nominate him this round I doubt they can count on Nick for long. Kail seems weaker than I first thought so it will be a good test to see how she does if she goes on the block against Jen.

Anyway it plays out it will be fun to watch. Enjoy the show.

--The Clever Cynic

Victora Beckham to Star in New Reality Show to Start Tonight on Bravo

Victoria Beckham fans and soon to be fans will want to check out Victoria Beckham's new reality-television show tonight on Bravo. The femme fatale will star in a series featuring her move to LA... should be an interesting show. So tonight, we take a look at this amazing star.

--The Clever Cynic

Victoria Beckham Coming to America

Tonight we take a look at the star of Bravo's latest reality show.;)

Victoria Beckham - Out Of Your Mind

Here is a Victoria Beckham Video Sample.

Little Ant and Dec Interview Victoria Beckham

A Victoria Beckham interview.

Being Victoria Beckham - Part 1 - Victoria Beckham Bio

Victoria Beckham, Coming to America starts tonight on Bravo. Here is some background so you will be informed.;)

iPod Killer: Creative Zen Stone — Video Out of the Box

Apple faces some stiff competition...tonight we take a look at the latest gizmo.

Keeping you informed, so you can sit on your butt at your computer.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Creative ZEN Stone - Short Introduction

Seems like "Creative Zen" is the next big thing. Here is a look.

Creative Zen Ad - Comedy Ad from YouTube

Hehe. The Creative Zen stuff is becoming quite the rage. Here is a look to keep you informed.;)

No Time For Mime - Vancouver Film School (VFS)

I guess that is one way of dealing with people who pester you.;)

Harry Potter Spoilers - No Need for a Harry Potter Spoiler for Some Fans

There will be no need to scour the Internet for Harry Potter spoilers for some fans. According to an article on NYDAILYNEWS.COM, 1200 fans received the book in the mail due to an early release by a book distributor. Scholastic asked the readers not to read the book until Saturday...I am sure the fans are all obliging.;)

This explains the sudden appearance of an abundance of Harry Potter spoiler posts and photos of pages from the book.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Today We Take A Closer Look at Plaxo

There has been a ton of buzz about the new sync program, Plaxo. So, to keep you up-to-date, we take a humorous look into this new software package.
--The Clever Cynic

The All-New Plaxo 3.0 -- Why All the Fuss?

There is been a LOT of buzz about Plaxw, so to keep you informed, we take a closer look. I must say this video told me NOTHING. :D

Plaxo Premium with Extreme VIP - Video from YouTube

There has been a lot of buzz about Plaxo. SO we take a a humorous look at Plaxo.;) Ohh I love it, it will hunt my friends down like animals.;O

Plaxo 3.0

Wow that told me absolutely NOTHING about Plaxo.:O

Plaxo - Features - Video from YouTube

One of the cool features of Plaxo.

Tech Update - Plaxo 3.0 - Video from YouTube

Just when you thought you didn't have enought software.;) The big buzz right now is about Plaxo. It lets you sync two computers so you can stay in sync, no matter what computer you happen to be using on the time.

Patience - Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Owned. Hehehe.

Global Warming - An Update - Al Gore 2008 Areosmith Dream on An inconvenient truth

Another close look at Global Warming.

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