Last Night's Posts Were a Test....Let's See How You Did

WARNING: If you missed last night's posts skip down to the post with the lady with the cane and come back to this later.

Last night's posts were a test...kind of like those tests in magazines where you read the questions and get a score that tells you if you are a good lover (actually, if you wonder then you aren't);). Here is how the scoring goes, so grab a pencil and paper if you aren't good at doing mental math:

1. If you clicked on all 3 warning signs, you get 15 points.
2. If you clicked on just 2 you get ten points.
3. If you clicked on just 1 warning sign you get five points.
4. If you didn't click on any warning signs because you didn't figure out the gag, you get 0 points.
5. If you didn't click on any of the warning signs because you refused to be a part of such cheesy chicanery you get 12 points. Why is there a 3 point penalty for sticking to your guns?...Because it is MY blog and I make the rules.;)
6. If you mailed yourself a fart you get 5 points.
7. If you mailed someone else a fart you get 10 points.
8. If you staged a protest because I pulled that cheap stunt and sent me a fart you get 20 points.
9. If you realized that radiation isn't exactly mind control radio waves and thought I copped out at 3AM for want of something better, you get 10 points.
10. If you actually made the beanie, you get 5 points. Why just five? You get five for creativity but only five because doing it was weird.
11. If you understood why the Puritans were under the infectious disease tag you get 25 points. If you embellished on your own and made a mental list of celebrities that you thought belonged behind that sign you get 30 BONUS points.
12. If you read the entire article about the Puritans subtract 15 points. In fact, if you read that entire article, close this window, shut off your computer and seek help. You need more help than I am able to give via blogging.
13. If you figured out to click the button on the amp to enter the flash site you get 2 points.

Ok tally your score:

107 PERFECT SCORE (Why are you here?... you should be writing your own blog)
75-106: this the the perfect blog for you and you openly admit it.
50-75: you come here everyday but don't admit it to your friends.
35-49 you happened upon this blog and bookmarked it.
20-48 you just happened by via search engine.
0-20 thanks for giving the blog a try...
-15...yelling for mom as the haul you off. (hmm, that sounds strangely familiar)

--The Clever Cynic,

Paris Hilton Sent Back to Jail

Paris Hilton lasted just 3 days in jail before she had to be dismissed, however briefly, before being returned to her cell by a judge who was apparently unimpressed by her early release. According to an article in Yahoo News, "Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer was calm but apparently irked by Sheriff Lee Baca's decision to release Hilton three days into her sentence due to an unspecified 'medical condition.'"

There has been a lot of speculation about whether the "medical condition" was mental or physical in nature. (Especially after she made such a spectacle of herself crying out for her mom as they drug her back to court...apparently in stage four psychologically...see related video here) My first assumption was, since the "medical condition" was so intentionally vague, was that it was an "serious case" of feminine itching.;) I immediately began rehearsing a firm "NO" to say if Paris ever offered to have my love child. Then, I started wondering if maybe she had "bird flu." (Don't miss the accompanying video)Well, my suppositions turned out to be totally false because the judge apparently thought that nothing serious enough occurred to merit home detention in lieu of jail.

In an earlier post, I wrote about the horrors of solitary confinement. I admired Paris Hilton's bravery as she faced her jail sentence so stoically and marched into jail with her head held high. She played the "tough" card and was going to take her punishment to show America that "she can do this." I resolved right then that I would not write any more posts about Paris or her jail time until I announced her release. She was paying her debt to society and who was I to comment further? Well, that time has come and passed and will probably come again and again..but if you play the "tough card" you better last more than three days in jail... so I still plan to say "NO" about the love child.;)

--The Clever Cynic,

Warning Signs and the Cool Trouble They Can Get You Into

I was over at YouTube, checking out video and causing general mischief, when I clicked on a video. A warning sign came up and said...something like, "warning some YouTube viewers (i.e. some noble puritans...hmmm does the Puritan faith still exist?...I had better investigate...I'll let you know soon...) have flagged this video as possibly containing material that may not be suitable for all viewers.

Now you may be different than I am, but when I see a warning sign I am thinking we are talking. ;) So I come up with this idea...I will post warning signs linked to crazy stuff. Then I will see how many people are brave enough to click on them. This is fair because it IS a warning sign (i.e. you have been WARNED).;) So let the party begin. And yes, the warning sign in this post is clickable.

I had to change sites...the first site was on a server that must have been powered by a hampster on a wheel.

Wow That Was Some Intro for Such a Lame Site

Ever notice that some websites have this AMAZING Flash intro and inside there isn't squat?

Ok, Ok I think I have made my all know to decide for yourselves when you see a warning sign. My work is done here...I am outta here.

--The Clever Cynic,


You Can't Say I Didn't Warn You

I suppose no one will heed this warning either...sigh.

Warnings and the People Who Don't Heed Them

And the answer we have all been waiting for:

It Has Been a Busy Night...

It has been a busy night. Blogger was deciding to honk me off and not save my work...sigh, so I decided to make another new website to provide more website goodness. It is called, "The Video Surfer" and features all the exciting content I don't have room for here.;)
Tonight's video theme is "Psycho Cartoons" so if that isn't your thing breeze on to the next post. If you enjoy twisted cartoons then click the surfer and cruise on over and check it out. It also features free live beach cams...(the Ventura Beach Cam is uber cool you can zoom the camera right in on the if it is daylight in California go scope it out). If you don't like either...stay here or GET OUT. hehe

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