Modern-Day Pirates Roam the High Seas

Think pirates are some 18th century romantic memory? Think again. According to Yahoo! News, there were 85 attacks on ships during the first quarter of this year. Today's pirates, like their forefathers, are heavily armed and target oil vessels more than other targets.

So if you are setting sail be on the lookout.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Are Moms With Kids Not Welcome on Flights?

In an article on Yahoo News, I learned that a mother was kicked off a plane because her toddler would not be quiet during that fascinating speech about seat belts and flotation devices that we have to tolerate each flight. To be honest I always want to kick the flight attendant off the plane during that boring spiel.;) You can view the video trailer here.
Tomorrow, try to give moms a break, they have a tough job.;)
--The Clever Cynic

Art Video from YouTube

This is awesome.

Big Brothe 8 - 7/12/07 Update and Analysis

Tonight, Carol was evicted, Jen wins HOH, Joe and Dustin are still a bit at odds and Nick FINALLY SHAMPOOS.

Tonight's Big Brother went as I expected. Carol was just a bit too nice to be a truly-effective player. I must say I will miss her, she looked pretty smokin' in shorts and had the only decent hair in the house.;)

Dustin seems still a bit at odds with Joe. Dustin, to his credit, seems to be quickly building alliances and I have a feeling is largely responsible for Amber surviving the vote.

Evil Dick (sigh) has toned it down a bit and has settled into a groove, but with Jen as HOH may be on the block quite soon. If I were Jen, I would go after Kail and the true leader of that alliance, Zach, while the "girl-group" still has the numbers. I doubt that Jen will go after Zach since she seems to count on her hotness playing a factor with some of the guys. With Joe and Dustin kind of out of the question to play and Nick a big question mark in that regard, that leaves just Zach and Mike as grist for Jen's mill.

Joe is well....still a mess, but toning it down and making friendships as best he can. I doubt he and Dustin trust each other yet and that relationship may be the wildcard that decides the game. I have a sneaky suspicion that Jen will nominate Joe and Evil Dick (sigh) but a lot can change between now and nominations that we don't see on the broadcast episodes.

Amber had quite a strong turnout in the polls with just one vote against her and I have a feeling that with that kind of support, she won't be on the block soon.

Zach seems to be the mastermind behind the game so far, but the power shifted dramatically tonight when Jen won HOH.

Jen holds the power now and it very well could be that I underestimated her abilities. She is super-athletic as you can see from the live-cam sample I posted up last night. In another clip, I didn't post because the sound was so bad, Jen clobbered Eric in a wrestling match...OUCH. It muse be mighty embarrassing to get owned by a girl even on live feed....sigh.

Eric, our house mole, certainly looks the part, but he always seems to stay quiet and I doubt he has many enemies in the house. He is doing a good job of floating and as far as I can tell hasn't aligned very strongly with anyone in the house. He may want to wait to see how things shake out before he makes a move.

Daniele is playing a very-smart game. She didn't use the Power of Veto because she knew that no matter what, one of the "girl-group" was headed home. She wasn't tight enough with either Carol or Amber to really care who went home to risk stirring the pot.

Nick finally discovered the beauty of personal hygiene (thank God). At the start of the show his hair was so gross I honestly wondered if he even bothered to wash out the butter from the "butter me up competition."

Kail may find out during the week that she is merely a pawn in a larger scheme of Zach's. Kail and the guys haven't exactly been secretive about their alliance and with Jen in charge it may not go well for them if Jen knows her stuff.

Jessica is turning out to be quite a player. She managed to make short work of Carol and I don't believe for a moment that she didn't play some part in such a one-sided vote to get her evicted. Like I said in an earlier post, this is "middle-school" all over again and Jessica is a true expert in that department.;)

Jameka seems to be in a nice groove. If the "girl-group" sticks together, and I am guessing they will for a while, she may be in a good position to go a long way in the game.

There you go.... more than you ever wanted to know about Big Brother...enjoy the show.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Leaping Shampoo - Video from YouTube

Thankfully, some of this came into contact with Nick's hair before the HOH competition.

Big Brother 8 USA 7/12/07 - Urgent Breaking News

Nick finally shampooed his hair for tonight's HOH competition. I honestly don't think it had been washed since the "butter me up" competition. At the start of tonight's show it was so gross it almost made me sick. Seven minutes of the show remain. After the show, a full analysis. But this news just could not wait.;)

--The Clever Cynic

If You Can't Afford an Iphone, Here is a Cheaper Alternative - Funniest Ringtone Ever.

For those who can't get an iPhone...this seems as good.;)

Latest Cloverfield Update - Video from YouTube

This is the latest diagnosis of the Cloverfield Video Trailer.

Big Brother 8 USA: Jen Goes Nuts on the Treadmill

Hmm I am starting to wonder if she is actually HUMAN. :O

The Ron Paul Revolution: Part Seven (Global Warming)

Here is Ron Paul's stance on global warming.;)

Global Warming Naysayers, One of The Ten Types Of Republicans - Comedy Video from YouTube

And another perspective on global warming.;) And why we meed Ron Paul...a different kind of Republican.;)

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