BREAKING NEWS ...They Were Forced to Install a New Door Today on Paris Hilton's Cell

<---exclusive drawing of the new door on Paris Hilton's cell. (It is just a sketch because they don't allow cameras in the jailhouse...but apparently they let ANYONE in these days);)

The New 7 Wonders of The World...To Be Chosen By You

There is an interesting new list being formulated by the masses (well SORT of). To be honest, I find anything collectively done by the masses to be a bit scary...the masses don't exactly have a good track record.;)...but Wikipedia was a collaborative effort and it who knows.
What am I talking about? There is a new movement to develop a new 7 Wonders of the World. In a novel approach, (and given the tremendous capability the Internet now provides to accumulate massive quantities of useless and generally falsified information) a group has set out to allow the general population to decide the new list of 7 can visit the site here. (check it out it is actually kind of a limited kind of way)
I am already a little suspicious because they offer only 21 PREDETERMINED choices and Taco Bell is NOT on the list. :( It is as if they are saying we trust you guys to vote, but let's face it you are all to stupid to be involved in any but the most rudimentary part of the voting process, since we assume that the power of statistics will smooth out the anomalies. This would have held more credibility for me if they had allowed SUGGESTIONS.;)
So...(you saw this coming didn't you?) I decided to formulate my own list...and no you can't vote:
1. Taco Bell...I already mentioned this...but hey, a "run for the border" is godlike.
2. The fact that there was ONE let alone TWO men who were willing to admit that they had been in a position that presented a chance to have made a baby with Anna Nicole Smith...may her soul rest in peace.
3. The fact that you see some of the people that you see with kids. Now I do realize that there are sperm banks and massive quantities of alcohol these days, but I never cease to marvel that some of the people at the mall actually found a partner for reproduction.
4. That the Internet works part of the time.
5. Wikipedia...imagine a huge-collaborative project that actually works and is informative and entertaining.
6. Contact lenses.
7. That the world is stupid enough to constantly broadcast the earth's location into outer space where any culture with the capability to hear the signal would be so far advanced technologically and developmentally that they would enslave or eradicate our species.

The Sims 2 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Fan Trailer

Amazing what someone can do with the Sims 2 and too much time.

Simpsons Harry Potter spoof

And now...The Simpsons do Harry Potter

Plans Announced for Harry Potter Themepark

The final Harry Potter book and the fifth movie are due out this summer. Along with the associated hoopla, Warner Brothers, Inc. and Universal Orlando Resort are working to develop a theme park within a theme park based upon the world of Harry Potter. You can check out the website here...including some concept art of Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade. The site is cool and includes a video that tells more about the project.

Paris Goes Back To Jail

Check it out.


Sigh...what are we going to do with Paris?

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