Rush, Rush Paula Abdul

More from Paula to set the stage.;)

Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract--Don't Forget Her New Reality Show

Reality TV fans, Paula Abdul's new reality show premiers tonight on Bravo, so don't miss it.;)

Polar Bear On A Treadmill

Ever notice that EVERYONE starts off with GREAT INTENTIONS when they buy exercise equipment?;) Then, about a month later it sits in the basement...Finally, it winds up at a garage sale.;)

Citizens for a Better America -

HEY...I think he is making fun of PARIS HILTON.:O

Spice Girls - Victoria Posh in leather dress

More Spicyness.

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There

More Spice Girls in case you want to refresh your memory.

Spice Girls - Wannabe

Latest news...there is going to be a spice girls reunion according to an article on Yahoo! News.

The Knack...And How To Get It Part 02

This is part may want to skip down to PART ONE first.;) Don't miss the series on Leonid the Magnificant and go back to "older posts" to see it all I have been posting a LOT so you may have to go back to catch up.;)

Sora's got...the Knack..u.u


The Knack...And How To Get It Part 01

Yes, I would say he has the KNACK.;) This is the first part of a series. I will post the rest from time to time.;)...until YOU have "the knack.";)

The Knack: My Sharona

Hmm...they seem to have the knack.

Dilbert - The Knack

Last night, I just didn't have "the knack" sigh...

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