Bratz-So So Good

Tonight we look at a film so deep, so complex, so intellectually enlightening that I thought it needed a special-musical introduction. So, here you go...Brats Music. Knock yourself out.;)

Bratz Movie Preview Trailer - Release August 2007

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the newest Bratz movie due out this month. As you can see, the plot is very-engaging--developing a deep-plot line, incorporating brilliant philosophical qualites and imparting tremendous socio-political insight. (rolls eyes)...sigh

Bridge Collapse - 3D Animation Simulation

This is essentially how the stucture of a bridge looks as it collapses.

Minneapolis I-35W Bridge Collapses - Video Coverage

This is a video of the recent bridge collapse. I hope everyone will be OK.

RG Studios - Backkom - Comedy Video Animation Production


Mel B. of Spice Girls Fame Presses Case Against Eddie Murphy for Child Support.

Apparently Mel B. of The Spice Girls means business when it comes to collecting from Eddie Murphy for support for a child she claims is his to help support.;) According to, Mel and her lawyer have officially filed a petition in court for "'reasonable' child support."

--The Clever Cynic

The Latest Harry Potter Book Sets New Record.

The latest and last Harry Potter book set an all-time record for the number of books sold during the first 10 days after release, according to an article on Even in muggle currency, I am sure that amounts to a lot of cash for someone.;)

Crazy Frog - Popcorn Mix - Cool Video Animation Production


Thong Dropping

Hehe. I know, I know, it is stupid humor, but it is still funny.:D

Sexy Webcam Comedy Video from YouTube

Hehe. You just never know what V-mail you will find on your computer...sigh.

Harry Potter in the Hood - News Story

Hey, remember all of you who viewed this video when I posted it up about a week ago? Apparently ABC News noticed. YouTube is becoming a national influence. I am sure many of you were among the 52,000 who viewed thia fine entertaining video.;) There you go, you made the News.:D

Faith Hill Berates Fan, Britney Spears Divorce Final, Paris Hilton Inheritance

The lastest scoop.

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