The Clever Cynic: Paris Hilton Has a Once (hopefully) in a Lifetime Opportunity to Make a HUGE Fashion Statement

Fashionistas the world over keep a watchful eye on Paris Hilton to see just what she will be wearing next. For at least 23 days this summer they will KNOW what she is wearing...jail garb.

Paris Hilton has a once in a lifetime opportunity to take advantage of this, make a fashion statement AND save face-- should she decide to turn her stint in a "special needs (apparently Paris will be riding there on the short bus) housing unit" at the Century Regional Detention Center in suburban Lynwood. She will have one hour a day to leave her cell to shower, talk on the phone, do recreational activities and catch up on The Clever Cynic's latest posts.

If she is smart...or someone smart clues her in, this is a golden opportunity to launch what would clearly be the fashion hit of the summer.

She could, upon leaving jail, launch her own line of jail garb called something like, "scofflaws." Obviously, orange and stripes would be a central theme. This way, she can claim her time there was spent doing on-site research for her new line. She can then go strutting out of jail, head held high, wearing her new fashions and a sassy attitude amid probably the largest press gathering to take place this summer. I can guarantee you that if she did, every 13-16 year old girl in the world would be wearing something from the new line come fall.

The Clever Cynic,

The Clever Cynic: The King, the Mice and the Cheese

The minute I saw that time-lapse video of that cheese, I started thinking MOUSE. ;) I know, I know, it is really sick...but...soooo tempting. ;) I mean the cheese just SITS THERE...this needs ACTION.

The Clever Cynic,


The Clever Cynic: Goalsetting...Shoot for the MOON

I was thinking today about goals. Goals are a good a way, but all too often, they are limiting. In other words, most of the time we don't set lofty enough goals for ourselves. It is great to have a goal, like I want to be Vice President of the company...but why stop there? And why would you want to stop at being Vice President and not RUN the company? Why not OWN the company? Why not own most of North America? (oh wait, never mind, Donald Trump already did that.)

Sure it helps to have attainable goals but such goals limit us and once we achieve them we have to re-focus and raise the bar. Why not start off with the goal you really want? When I set out to create The Clever Cynic I stopped for a moment to think of a goal...I finally settled upon I will be happy when this website is the homepage of every computer in the world. Will I ever attain this goal....who knows? The odds are slim because there is probably some total freak out there that no matter what would refuse to set this as his homepage...just to be different. Is that wrong?.......of course;), but it doesn't deter me from having the goal...and I admire his courage to be different...but it doesn't diminish my goal in any way. Just like I have always felt like making up punctuation as I went along. It drove my English teachers NUTS....but they finally decided that it wasn't exactly WRONG is actually quite readable.;)

So think large and set any goal you want in life. The loftier it is the more of the minor goals (like being the most popular website in your country) will just breeze by along the way...but above all THINK BIG.

--The Clever Cynic,


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