World of Warcraft in The Simpsons

If you are looking for something really cool for your kids to do this summer...i.e. a free babysitter, ;) (And don't mind mindless imaginary violence);) you might give World of Warcraft a try. As you can see, adults like it too.;)

Paris Hilton on the Simpsons

Hmmm...she must have escaped.:O

Hacker Claims He Uncovered the Ending to the Much Anticipated Harry Potter Release, "The Deathly Hallows"

According to the New York Times, "A self-proclaimed hacker says that he broke into the computers of the British publisher of the hugely successful Harry Potter series and discovered the feverishly awaited climax to the coming seventh and final installment. But his disclosures were met with skepticism this week."

Fans and fansites have dismissed the rumor as rubbish and said that the "hacker" spoke in broken English, similar to the writing used by the hundreds everyday that tell me via e-mail that I have won various lotteries and have a huge African inheritance that they need my urgent assistance to collect.;)

So, I am dismissing this as rumor, besides the book is due out so soon I doubt it really matters. I don't want to know the ending until I read the book.;)

--The Clever Cynic,


Paris HIlton to Give First Release Interview on Larry King Live

In an article in the NY Times, apparently Paris Hilton tried to start a bidding war between the networks for the rights to her release interview. Once word got out that they were paying for the interview it got messy. Then, no one wanted to touch it that had any brains, so she is doing the interview on, "Larry King Live." Sigh, I just wish this whole Paris Hilton Jail thing would go away.

Anastasia - It Sucks to Be Me [Spoof]

Fortunately, there will be no more of these.;)

THE SIMPSONS-'Spoof' on WALT DISNEY WORLD-Animation-Cartoon!


Disney Dropping Plans to Release More DVD Only Sequels to Feature Hits

In an article on E! I learned that Disney will no longer make animated sequels to feature hits. Those hoping for a Lion King 9 or 10 on DVD will apparently be disappointed.

I had always hoped for a "Pinocchio Grows Up and hosts the Tonight Show" sequel with his sidekick Jiminy Cricket playing the part of Ed McMahon, but I guess some things are just never meant to be...sorry to be the one to break the news. I have however unearthed what may be the last of the releases for your viewing pleasure.;)

--The Clever Cynic,

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