Live Feed Sample - Big Brother 8 USA: Nick and Zach talk about the game

A bit of behind the scenes strategy.;)

BIG BROTHER 8, USA MONDAY NIGHT VIDEO - Live BigBrother Feed Sample from YouTube

A peek into the house.

Big Brother 8 USA - 7/10/07 Analysis

Tonight, I will summarize the episode in one sentence, then elaborate further for your entertainment.;)
On tonight's Big Brother Episode, Carol and Amber remain on the block, the house tires of Jen and sadly, Nick still hasn't discovered the joy of shampoo.
Tonight was quite interesting since the house progressed much more rapidly than usual into a jr. high school mentality. I credit the larger number of "younger" players this year for the quick slide into "he said, she said."
Dustin seems to make progress on all fronts. He is always right there to comfort the fallen and seems to do about 90 percent of his time listening. Further, he seemed to be patching things up with Joe and calming him down so he has an ally of sorts in the house. He seems to have a good set of social skills that may serve him well now that shouts of venereal disease no longer echo in the halls.
Nick hinted that he might hook up with a "boy," not that that surprised me. Nor did he bother to shampoo. He tries the "I am wearing a cap trick," but it fails when he keeps taking it OFF...sigh.
Zach seems to be quietly calling the shots while some of the others are trying to fade out of sight to coast. I was surprised to see Kail asking him for advice. (Hmm.) Given Kail's strategy for putting the slackers on the block the first round, slacking may not be the way to go this season.;)
Daniele won the power of veto ceremony in which the houseguests hid tokens then tore the house apart searching for them in a demented game of hide and seek. Danielle hinted that she might play the veto necklace but in the end, after baiting the others a bit, declined to use it. I am not sure baiting the others was a smart move...if you don't choose to play it, why rub it in?
Carol is finally done unpacking. At first, even this episode she said that, "Amber deserved to be there as much as she did, so she wouldn't campaign against her." HELLO CAROL, this is a contest for a huge amount of money. No one deserves it more than YOU do...well from your perspective anyway.;) But if you feel guilty should you somehow through some miracle survive to the end you can ease your guilt by giving it to me since we all all equally deserving. The fact I am not even in the house hardly diminishes that .... does it?
Our housemole Eric, accomplished his task of spilling his guts about an event from his past to the fan-chosen target, Kail. I think he wimped out a bit with a story about an ex-girlfriend that had an eating disorder similar to Daniele. He overplayed his hand a bit by droning on and on and on about it and crying like a sop. I give his performance a "4.5" on a scale of 10.
So there you go....tonight's episode in a nutshell.
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Blogger is bugged for me tonight and isn't recognizing my paragraphs so try to ignore the formatting.
--The Clever Cynic

Global Warming: Point of No Return? - Free Video from YouTube

Well, I think we BETTER care.;)

Futurama Global Warming - Free Video from YouTube

Tonight, we look at global warming. The good, the bad and the ugly of it. Oh wait, I can't think of anything good about global warming. But there is a lot of talent here.

Blue Man Group on Global Warming Video from YouTube

Excellent advice about Global Warming.

Canadians For Global Warming - Video from YouTube

With temperatures here today topping out at 95 degrees, I decided to take a look at Global Warming.

Art Documentary - Akiane Kramarik - Spiritual Young Artist

I have a feeling you will hear about Akiane.;)

Art by Akiane - Music by Steven Cravis

Why am I posting this? Because the art was done by an eleven-year old girl.;) Amazing eh?

Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo being blackmailed over facebook

An update on the Amy Polumbo story... more facts.

iphone nano ipod

There is a lot of buzz about the iPhone the Letterman clip for the REAL story on the Nano version.;)

Dave's iPhone Sneak Peek - is iPhone Nano for REAL?

Is the iPhone Nano just a fabrication?

A descargar - A Funny Trailer from YouTube

Speaking of wild trailers...enjoy.;)

Saw 3 - Strange Trailer

Speaking of strange is one from "Saw." It is up to you to figure out what it means...

Ennio as Mona Lisa - Comedy Video from YouTube

And now some Mona Lisa Humor.;)

A thief stole Mona Lisa ! - Reminds Me of the Mystery Surrounding the Cloverfield Trailer


The Cloverfield Video is a lot like the Mona Lisa - This is Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase

The new trailer that rat before the transformers movie reminds me a lot of the speculation that has always surrounded the Mona Lisa. Today, I bring you some of the best analysis clips so you can begin your own investigation.

Cloverfield - 1-18-08 - PICTURE ANALYSIS 2

Even more analysis.

Cloverfield - 1-18-08 Picture Analysis 3

This video trailer has perhaps undergone more analysis than anything since the Mona Lisa. ;) Today I bring you as much information as possible so you can begin drawing your own conslusions.

Cloverfield Trailer - 1/18/08 Website Image

Even more speculation about the mysterious Trailer that preceeded the Transformer's Movie.

Cloverfield - Latest News - 1/18/08 Trailer Audio Spectroanalysis (By Request)

They really picked this trailer apart. The trailer has been released and is finally out now.;) So todayI am giving you the full scoop.

Cloverfield Update - 1/18/08 Ethan Haas Was Right Analysis

Cloverfield ... another perspective.

1/18/08 NEW Cumulative Cloverfield Update

This is a photoanalysis of the Cloverfield Video. This gives you the current scoop.

Exclusive Cloverfield | 1-18-08 Teaser Trailer!!

Here is the much-talked about teaser trailer.;)

Cloverfield on CNBC!!!!

Today we discuss the mystery movie trailer that played before the Transformers Movie.

Mac Parody: Upgrade or Trash It - Humor Video from YouTube


iPhone Unboxing and Demo Feview! - Video from YouTube

Materialism at its most-annoying.;)

iPhone - Mac Parody Ad: nuTsie Episode 3 - Humor Video from YouTube

Spot on.;)

iPhone - Video - The Soup - Humor Video from YouTube

Crazy iPhone Dancing Hamster Funny

This was on YouTube with the tag "iPhone" what on earth does it have to do with an iPhone? :O

iPhone Video - "2001 a Space iPhone" - Comedy Video from YouTube


iPhone Humor - Really Funny iPhone Lady Gets Denied - Video from YouTube

The iPhone obsession.

iPhone Video - "iBroke" - Comedy Video from YouTube


iPhone: The Music Video - Free Music Video from YouTube

Wow, now the iPhone is now a video.;O

Backkom--Gloomy Thunderday - Free Comedy Video from YouTube

Bakkom means "white bear" in Korean.;)

I Love Sky 2 - Free Comedy Video from YouTube

I love Bakkom.;)

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