Halloween 2007 - Scary Mary Poppins Video Trailer


Sabrina Bryan - Dancing with the Stars Foxtrot - Cheetah Girls

Unbelieveably, Sabrina Bryan was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars...I had it figured that she would win the whole thing.:O

Dancing with the Stars 6th Week - Mel B - Spice Girls

Dancing with the Stars 6th Week - Mel B - Spice Girls.

Britney Spears Mom Writes Book - Hillary Clinton - Rape - Video

Britney Spears mom writes a parenting book of all things. Hillary Clinton finally wins an award and other Halloween news.

Barbara E. Hort - Unholy Hungers Book Tribute Video - Vampire Video

Barbara E. Hort's novel Unholy Hungers - video tribute - vampires...just in time for Halloween.;)

Horrorfest 2007 - Main Event Trailer - Video Movie Preview Trailer

Horrorfest 2007 Main Event Trailer. Happy Halloween.:D

Arctic Sea Ice loss 1979 to 2007 - Global Warming - Video Simulation

This video was on YouTube and the naysayers were stroking their egos by flaming the post...sigh. They think global warming doesn't exist or isn't caused by pollution or the evidence doesn't support the claim. Apparently, they think the melting of the Arctic Ice Cap is caused by the flaming trolls that don't have a life.;)

And as for the idiotic professor who corrected my "misspelling" of "arctic" on a paper once and corrected it brilliantly to "artic" ... you were and probably still are a moron, anally retentive and a pompous ass. I must have caught the bug from the idiotic=flaming trolls who can't come to mental grips with global warming because it might put a damper on their lifestyle...denial...isn't it grand?

Some people won't believe that global warming actually exists until a huge tidal wave crashes through their front door and drowns them in their stupidity.;) Happy Halloween.;)

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