Britney Spears Gets Her Kids Back - Celebrity News Video

Britney Spears gets her kids back and other funny stuff from What the Buck.

Chris Crocker's 15 Minutes of Fame Have Apparently Expired

Obviously Chris Crocker's 15 minutes of fame ran out ummm...14 1/2 minutes ago. Withoug Britney Spears this guy has no material. In another 30 seconds everyone will be saying, "Chris Who?."

The Bachelor - America's Next Top Model - Television News

The latest television news from What the Buck. The Bachelor, America's Next Top Model and some humor thrown in.:D

In Ancient Times When The Gaints Walked The Earth

Do Giants only exist in fantasy books and games?...let's take a look and find out.

Leona Lewis - Interview on the This Morning Show- HQ

The media world today can truly make someone a star overnight.;) Here is a look at Leona Lewis.;)

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