Big Brother 8 USA - 7/31/07 Nick is Nominated and Dustin Gets Greedy

Tonight's Big Brother was full of surprises. The hand of fate allowed Jameka to opportunity to compete in the Power of Veto competition and she used fate and divine intervention as an excuse to play hard, win and veto Jen off the Block. I must say it was an impressive move on Jameka's part and an expensive one.

As a part of the POV competition, the guests were awarded "Big Brother Dollars" that they had an option to spend for prizes instead of hoarding them to try to win the POV competition.

Dustin walked away with both prizes when Jameka refused to spend hers to opt for $5,000 cash. It appears that Jameka may be planning a powerful run at the end with Jen and I doubt her alliance will fail to notice that they have a traitor in their midst. I highly doubt that many of them believed that it was God's will for Jameka to win and veto Jen so as soon as they have time to do the math, Jameka may wind up in trouble.

Jen seemed to throw the competition, but that really didn't make any sense. It hardly mattered who played the veto and why take the risk that Jameka might back out on her promise to use the veto to save Jen?

Dustin may have overdone it with the prizes. He should have passed on the trip and waited for something better. Now he appears both greedy and power-hungry...not a good place to be right now.

The end result was that Nick was nominated by Dustin to fill Jen's shoes on the block. Hopefully they send him packing. I just don't think I can tolerate looking at all that oil much longer...sigh.

Dick didn't seem to calm down much following his stint as HOH. He is continuing an in-your-face strategy that may not pan out too well if Nick gets voted out. They all need to remember that people are beginning to concentrate more on their sub-alliances and are merely using the major alliances to progress in the game.

All-in-all not a bad if Amber will just STOP BEING SUCH A CRYBABY...sigh

--The Clever Cynic

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Animusic - 05 - Pipe Dream


Steve Martin and His Official Website, Steve - Best of the Internet

It has been ages since I gave a Best of the Internet Award. I hadn't forgotten about it, I simply hadn't seen anything worthy. Well, today is the day. Steve Martin's Official Website, is certainly deserving of a Best of the Internet Award.

The interface is amazing, bursting with color in a comic-book style that is eye-candy extraordinaire. So if you haven't seen it, go check it is definitely worth your time.

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Save Money on New and Used College and University Textbooks for Back to School

I had a real eye-opener today when I went to buy my books for graduate school. They didn't have any used copies of any of the texts I needed and the bill at the University Book Store would have been $429.00. I about popped, so I went home and got online to find a better deal.:D

It took some research. I went to the University Website and obtained the title and ISBN of all the books I needed for my classes. Then I researched for the best deal on-line.'s textbook store offered all the books I needed at a 30% markdown for the new books. They also had many of the ones I needed in their used-book inventory and that saved me even more. Some of the used books were 90% cheaper than the new copies at the University. My order came to just over $200 so they threw in free 2 day shipping and that saved me even more.

So if you don't feel like paying full price, go check it out: (this is the address)

Saving you money so you can buy important stuff like party supplies or pay for movies and dinner on dates with hot girls.;)

--The Clever Cynic

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