Show Us How You Shake It! - $10,000 Video Production Contest

Here is a way you can win $10,000 for being a video artist. I am not endorsing spraypainting on any surface. There a probably a variety of mediums you can use for expression of your love of chalky sure to read the rules.

Big Brother 8 - 7/24/07 - Dick Becomes too Controlling and Kail Plays Mike for a Fool

In tonight's episode, the housemole, Eric achieved his objective by secretly vandalizing Jen's pillow with mustard. I have to say I am not big on vandalizing anything and am kind of disappointed that Big Brother chose to make the personal invasion of someone's space a part of the show.
Eric's ploy allowed Jen to lie low because everyone wanted to appear innocent. That is the problem with anonymous acts of cruelty. So often, the victim is some third-party who played no role in the event at all.
Kail played a very-smart move tonight that changed the course of the game--IF she wins the vote. She managed to shift the target from her back to Mike's, while putting him on the block to replace Jen, the winner of the POV. Kail has slimmed and toned since entering the house and life there seems to be agreeing with her.;)
Tonight's POV competition was classic. Half the houseguests donned Alice in Wonderland costumes and balanced glasses on their heads, while the others donned costumes and tried to taunt them in to messing up.
Right away, it was easy to tell where loyalties lay in the house and Kail managed to get Mike to do her dirty work by taunting Dick to the point of anger, giving Jen the POV and making Mike a bigger threat in Dick's eyes to the extent that Dick nominated him when Jen obviously used the POV to remover herself from the block. Marcalis remains the only BB contestant ever, stupid enough to refuse to save their own hide. Congrats, Marcalis.
Eric our houseguest will get a new target for elimination via a viewer poll, so I don't know where his vote lies. If he can wrangle his way into a sound alliance mid-game he may go far. The assignments give him a look into public sentiment and that can't hurt his chances.
Dustin, Jameka and Amber are playing the smartest game. They are letting the power-hungry alliances duke it out while they enjoy the pleasures of houselife.
Nick is still working Daniele and overdoing it in my estimation. I have no idea if he has "real" feelings for her and in such a contrived setting I hardly think that matters. Gamewise, he is not playing it smart by creating a special bond or by angering Dick by appearing to play his daughter.
Dick had the game well in hand until he kept trying to control the whole house following his nominations. If you are HOH, once you nominate, it really doesn't matter who goes home. He managed to make another enemy in the house and certainly didn't make any friends along the way. He even managed to break down the renewed bond that had started to develop with his daughter Daniele. His strength seems to lie in competitions...the man is amazing. He is always in the final two at the end of every go around.
In all honesty, Jen may be playing the smartest game of all. She is considered to be mutually-disliked and this may play very well to her advantage. She has managed to slip back into the woodwork after a pretty straightforward stint as HOH.
Of all the players, Dustin seems in the best spot. Once the major alliances finish grinding their axes his group may propel him into a sweet spot at the end. It is still early in the game and a lot can change but for now he is doing quite well.
--The Clever Cynic

--The Clever Cynic

Movie Review - Chuck and Larry - I Now Pronounce You

Here is video-movie review of this weekends popular hit.

Video Movie Trailer - I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Seems that Chuck and Larry are a big hit at the box office. Might be something to do this weekend. So hook up with a hot date and go check it out.

Drew Carey Named to replace Bob Barker - Computer Crash

Drew Carey is probably doing the happy dance. He was named today to replace Bob Barker. Grats, Drew.

Drew Carey - Named to Replace Bob Barker - Five O'Clock World

Yes, it is true, according to the television show, "Extra!" Drew Carey will replace Bob Barker as the new host of "The Price is Right." Welcome to the Five-O'Clock world Drew.;)

Lindsay Lohan Best Pictures - Here is a Good Look at Our Gal Lindsay

Today just wasn't one of Lindsay's better days. Read on for the full story.

Coin-Slot-Cream Lindsay Lohan Commerical


Lindsay Lohan Freaky Friday - Take Me Away

Well, today they took her away allright.;) Hmm...this could be her new themesong.:D

Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff Avril Lavigne Spoof - Saturday Night Live

Lindsay starts off by bragging about hosting SNL at age 17...sigh.

Lindsay Lohan - Drama Queen - Arrested AGAIN..sigh

Lindsay Lohan had another bad day today.

Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan Arrested AGAIN Today

According to an article on the, Lindsay Lohan was arrested AGAIN today. According to the LA times, "Lohan, already facing a drunken-driving charge in Beverly Hills, was stopped in the 1800 block of Main Street near the police station after officers said the mother of Lohan's assistant reported a car chase."
Apparently Lindsay Lohan was allegedly chasing her assistant's mother of all people...sigh.
They quote Lindsay's Lawyer as saying that, "addiction is a terrible and vicious disease." Lindsay declined a sobriety test at the scene.
--The Clever Cynic
The Clever Cynic

Global Warming - Golden Girls - the Best Answer for Global Warming

The best solution to Global Warming is to CURB POPULATION GROWTH. So the Golden Girls give us the answer.

Most Genuine Aliens Photos (1950s-2000s)

Here are supposedly some of the "most-genuine" alien photos. Thought this would be a good way to begin our continued look into aliens, crop circles and television.;)

UFO - Crop Circles and Alien Skull -

We take a continued look into aliens and crop circles. I am still not-quite convinced. Until aliens whisk me away to Taco Bell for some take out, I probably will remain on the fence.;)

Crop Circles Slideshow - Amazing Video from YouTube


The Crop Circle Ship - Blueprints in the Crop Circles

Speaking of aliens, here is a continued look into Crop Circles.

The 4400 Pilot 1 - The Start of "The 4400" series

This shows you how it all began. You can check out the show Sundays on USA.

The 4400 - Video Trailer Overview of the Show

This Trailer gives you a good idea what the show, "The 4400" is about. You can check it out Sunday Nights on USA.

The 4400:Shawn / Nikki / Isabelle - Sample Clip from The 4400

This will give you a feel for what the show is like.;)

The 4400 - TV Series Trailer - Science Fiction Fantasy Series on USA

There is a hot-new series you may not have heard about. It is called "The 4400." This mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy is becoming very popular so you may want to check it out Sundays on USA.

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