Paris Hilton Interview Larry King Live - Video from YouTube

The interview.

Inaccuracies in the Paris Hilton Interview

:O. Did they dub the laughter?

Templeton Weight Gain

Believe me you will have a belly FULL of rats before you leave here.;)

Ratatouille - rat-a-too-ee (Best Trailer For Ratatouille)

Did you see the rat's expression in the freeze frame? You will have that save expression when you finish today's posts...proceed at your own risk.

rat haha lol animated song

If you are tired of the rat race, you came to the wrong place. Tonight, I conducted an investigation into rodent intelligence and it turned even uglier than when I investigated "women who sing about their ovaries."...You have been warned.;)

An animated afternoon with rats !

Tonight we examine people's fascination with rats. It seems to be a world-wide epidemic.

12 turns in a wheel !!! © My poor hamster ... must not work for hamsters too. I had to edit this so skip on down and read backwards.

Dr. Pin Opening

Tonight I become Dr. Pin, Mad Scientist...for those following the "Hidden Clues Sequence" you guessed right...tonight's posts are rife with clues.;)

Dung Beetle

Yes it is just actually spent part of your evening watching a dung beetle walk backwards rolling a ball of poop. But hey, it probably boosted your brain-cell count.;)

Lost in a maze

And now...the "rats-eye" view.

Rat Race

This video was actually animated BY RATS...seriously, I don't make this stuff up.;)

Rit Rat Runk

Apparently the rats are now available as add one to your Christmas shopping list.

Scientists Discover that Exercise Boosts the Number of Brain Cells

In an article on Yahoo, they disclosed that scientists discovered that exercise boosts the number of brain cells in rats. (I would hate to have been the rat in that one). I was disappointed to learn that it was exercise that boosted brain cell production. I had hoped that they would say, "watching rock-music videos. :( However, I was glad to learn that there is hope for some of our celebrities.;)

--The Clever Cynic

Robot Chicken ET Spoof

Apparently ET is trying the exercise bit to boost some brain cells.

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