Baby Einstein - Baby Einstein Video - Genius Babies

Tonight, I investigate an growing phenomenon. Can you make your baby a genius by trapping it in some kind of device and forcing it to watch television? Well, it seems convenient for mom.;) As I take a look into this subject, I notice that most of the babies are trapped in some kind of baby holder.;) This one is really nice. It has a steering wheel and a "seatbelt." I suppose 20 years from now we will know the outcome. Either they will make discoveries that change the world, or turn out like Chris Crocker. Only time will tell.

Baby Einstein - 5-month-old Baby -

Tonight, one of my now-infamous investigations. This time we take a look at whether you can make your child a genius by trapping them in furniture and forcing them to watch televison.;) In other words, we are checking out the "Baby Einstein trend." This baby is caught in a particularly-large and ornate trap. It has a lot of bells and whistles, but it is a trap nonetheless. If you hang a bunch of bells and whistles on a beartrap in the woods, it is still a trap.;) I wonder if Chris Crocker spent a lot of his infancy in one of these devices?

5 Month Old Watching Baby Einstein - Genius

I am not entirely sure you can make your child a genius by trapping them in a Bumble Chair so they can't move and forcing them to watch television.;)

Family Guy Top 10 Family Guy Moments - Comedy Video

Ten of the best Family Guy Moments.

Nude of Beads - Art Video Animation - Video Art Production

Amazing Art Video.

The 10 Sexiest Video Game Babes - Games - Video

The 10 sexiest babes of the electronic world.;)

Britney Spears : Get Back - new single 2007 - Hot Sexy Video

Britney Spears - Get Back

Hey There Delilah Spoof - Hey Harry Potter - Music Video

Awesome Harry Potter spoof video.

Season 5 - Marie Osmond - Dancing With The Stars - Mambo Video

Marie Osmond still has a million-dollar smile...she may prove very-hard to beat unless she gets totally battered by the judges.

Marie Osmond - Dancing with the Stars - Mambo Dance Video - YouTube - Videos

Marie Osmond has a lot of show business experience. If the can tone up and slim down, she will be very-tough to beat.

Dancing with the Stars - Marie Osmond - Celebrity Gossip

Here is the latest behind the scenes news from Dancing with the Stars. I must say Marie Osmond is working girl.;)

Marie Osmond - Dancing With the Starved - Barbie Doll

Marie Osmond is really working the crowd. She is being very-clever to use YouTube to gain an even bigger fan base. She will be TOUGH to beat...she is still America's sweetheart 30 years after Donny and Marie.

Marie Osmond Weight Loss Secret - Dancing With The Stars

Marie Osmond knows quite well that it pays to promote.;) She is certainly working the YouTube crowd. Here she gives her weight-loss secret and promotes her YouTube video. I must say Marie Osmond has some smooth moves off the floor when it comes to PR.;)

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