Tonight I Conducted an Investigation Into Turned UGLY

Tonight an article on Yahoo News caught my eye. The title is, "GREEDY COUPLE CASHES IN AFTER THEIR WEDDING SHOWER." In the article, they discuss a letter to "Dear Abby" describing one couple's disgraceful attempt to turn their wedding into a personal fund-raising event.

I was shocked by this article...well not really shocked, I have been pretty much impossible to shock post-kindergarten, but I did think it would make a good blogfest.;)

So I donned my protective clothing and hip boots and headed out to dredge up the truth about weddings and why couples celebrating holy matrimony become literally brain-dead and perform seemingly-insane acts as they prepare to finally have sex sanctioned by the legal and moral codes of their respective cultures, instead of having to sneak around anymore behind thier parents backs.;)

What I found was so disturbing, so unsettling that I must warn you before you proceed. This turned even uglier than my investigation into women singing about their ovaries. You have been WARNED...proceed at your own risk.

--The Clever Cynic,

Setos Wedding

Now THIS is a wedding.;)

OUR WEDDING part #9: Me and my girlfriend

The fact that there are at LEAST 8 other parts to this, quite frankly, SCARES ME.

Cartoon Wedding Item Presentation

From her expression, I think this one even made the bride sick.;)

Wedding Presentation in Cartoon Animation

Yes, this corruption has even surfaced in Singapore.

Wedding Cartoon Animation (Romantic story)

Hmm...this is GREAT, if you can stand "sappy."

Sleeping Beauty - Lunacy Fringe

WOW, this is AMAZING. DANG, this is actually an AWESOME video. Amazing what you stumble across when you are hunting sappy-marriage footage.

joy wedding cartoon

Hahahaha...I can see why thisis by Cheeze productions, it is SO CHEESY. Someone, MAKE IT STOP.

Wedding Cartoon Animation -

I need one of those bags you find for free on the back of the seat in front of you on airplanes.

My cousin's wedding animation project

WOW I think these two need to GET A ROOM.:O

wedding anime

HA...this is actually really-well done.;) But ladies, seriously, see why mean are afraid of commitment? THIS is why.:)

Bomb and Mee Wedding Presentation

What is there about weddings that make womens'brains die? Tonight I am investigating. This isn't in English but it is still so cheesy it is funny in any language. Hmm this seems to be an international phenomenon...matters are even worse even than I suspected...sigh.

The Clintons Release a Spoof Video

When you say "The Clintons" like that it sounds like "The Clampetts,"...sigh. Well, The Clintons released an on-line video Tuesday...seems everyone is spoofing these days.;) (view full article here) I guess the Clintons have heard how cool blogging is these days and want to get into the act.;).......SIGH.

According to the Washington Post, The Clintons (hehe) also chose Celine Dion's "You and I" as their theme song. Looks like they are pulling out all the stops in a full-blown multi-media event.;)

I am going to let you guess which of these videos they released.;)

--The Clever Cynic,

Bill and Hillary Chappaqua Follies

Another episode of The Clampetts.

Vote Different- 1984

And more video for the campaign.

Hillary Clinton spoof

But is it really a SPOOF? :O

Bill Clinton Cow Tippin'

And now for the Clampett Verson.;)

You and I - Celine Dion (A New Day...)

The Clintons choose Celine Dion and "You and I" as their musical poster child.;)

Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room

I guess the Clintons figure they better get busy with the cool factor if they want to beat Ron Paul.;)

Hillary Clinton Sopranos Parody

SIGH...The Cinton's attempt at blogging....SIGH, SIGH, SIGH.:( This is the Clinton's being "KEWL."

Stick Figures On Crack

Tonight we examine why not to do drugs.;)

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