Britney Spears Runs a Red Light With Her Kids and Court Monitor in the Car

In an article on FOX news that you will not want to miss, it was revealed that Britney Spears ran a red light with her kids AND a court appointed monitor in the car. Surely Britney Spears can afford a Chauffeur? :O Just think of how many of Britney's problems would be solved by hiring a driver.:D

Of course, this could spell more trouble with the courts regarding custody of her kids...sigh...maybe not...who knows?:D

Conan O'Brien News - Conan O'Brien Stalked By A Priest - Video News

Latenight talkshow host, Conan O'Brien is stalked by a preist. At least someone didn't make a video about "Leave Conan Alone."...that would be even worse.;) I wonder how many people spell his name wrong? Google suggests: Obrian, o brian, O'Brien (correct) and o brian.:D

Bernard - Golf - Animated Golf Comedy Video - Vídeo Del Golf

Bernard, everyone's favorite bear takes up golf.;)

How We Met - Video Animation Production Video - Romance

How we met...a romantic comedy video animation production. This is awesome.;)

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