Warning Signs and the Cool Trouble They Can Get You Into

I was over at YouTube, checking out video and causing general mischief, when I clicked on a video. A warning sign came up and said...something like, "warning some YouTube viewers (i.e. some noble puritans...hmmm does the Puritan faith still exist?...I had better investigate...I'll let you know soon...) have flagged this video as possibly containing material that may not be suitable for all viewers.

Now you may be different than I am, but when I see a warning sign I am thinking .......now we are talking. ;) So I come up with this idea...I will post warning signs linked to crazy stuff. Then I will see how many people are brave enough to click on them. This is fair because it IS a warning sign (i.e. you have been WARNED).;) So let the party begin. And yes, the warning sign in this post is clickable.

I had to change sites...the first site was on a server that must have been powered by a hampster on a wheel.

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