Paris Hilton's Sidekick Nicole Richey May be Pregnant

According to rumor outlined in an article over at MSN, Nicole Richey, Paris Hilton's famous sidekick from, "The Simple Life" (a show where they both pretty much tour America acting simple) may be pregnant. Apparently, she was able to find someone with a light-enough bone mass that she was able to make a baby without being crushed.

In a related article, Nicole apparently confided to Ryan Seacrest that she is nervous that she will, "deal with the consequences" (hmm, that sounds oddly FAMILIAR) in her DUI back in February. Basically she is saying, "YOO HOO, PRESS, OVER HERE, I MAY BE GOING TO JAIL TOO.";) Why is it Nicole Richey always ends up being an "also-ran?"...poor Nicole. :( This leaves me wondering how many celebrities are downing a bottle of vodka as we speak and heading out to speed haphazardly past doughnut shops in the hope of being arrested.

--The Clever Cynic,

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