Writing Tip for Improving Your Blog...Lose the Exclamation Marks!

Those of you who come here regularly know that when I use more than one clip art image that i am on a rant! ;) This is the only post you will ever see me write in this blog that contains exclamation marks! Why? Because they are ANNOYING!!! It isn't that I mind being annoying, in fact I excel at being annoying!

The point I am making is that no one wants to be annoyed by your punctuation! When I come across an exclamation mark it always brings my enjoyment of the article or book I am reading to a grinding halt! No one likes to be told when to be overly-enthused about something you are saying...that is their choice! I feel like yelling, "CUT!!!" Who put this annoying exclamation mark in here? Years ago, one of the Seinfeld shows touched on this subject! Elaine's boss had taken her down a notch for using an exclamation mark! Her boss had a lot of wisdom!

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