Nepali "Living Goddess" is Removed from Goddess Status Following Her Visit to the US

According to an article on Yahoo!, a ten-year-old living Goddess was removed as a "Goddess" following a visit to the gold old USA. (I am sure that being a Goddess was great while it lasted.)
At first glance at the title I figured that it just took a week for us to corrupt the poor soul, but thankfully I was wrong. Apparently a Goddess needs some sort of permission to travel. It seems a bit ODD that a Goddess NEEDS permission, but I don't make the rules there, I just report them. I have included the following video that may shed additional light on the subject.;) At least they found out that she was not the true "Goddess" before they wasted too much time worshipping her. I find great comfort in that at least.
--The Clever Cynic

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