Big Brother 8 - 9 /12/2007 - Daniele Wins POV Saves Evel

Unfortunately, Daniele seems unstoppable. Tonight, she won yet another veto competition, tying Janelle for the number of power of veto wins. She then used the veto to save Daddy Dick. It was a noble gesture (rolls eyes), considering it didn't matter because the person vetoed cast the vote. Jameka was the only one eligible to be nominated in Evel's place and up she went in his place on the block.

Evel promptly cast his vote and Jameka went home. Evel and Daniele, despite Zach's recent "betrayal" (I actually don't see playing the game as any sort of "betrayal" this was Big Brother's Official Jargon) Dick and Daniele decided to keep him in the house in the event that they lose the last veto competition.

Evel seemed very-confident that Zach wouldn't get a single jury vote if he should stand in the final two against Dick or Daniele. When Big Brother finally paid a visit to the Big Brother House tonight, no one there seemed very eager for either Evel or Daniele to win the game. I would go so far as to venture that unless Evel or Daniele win the HOH, Zach will be voted the winner. You simply can't ride roughshod over all the other houseguests and expect them to be eager to throw you a vote at the end.;)

This HOH competition is the biggest by far in the game. Should Zach win it will turn the game upside down at last for Dick and Daniele. Only time will tell if Zach has what it takes to maintain focus and pull out the win. If he wins it will be a very-interesting endgame for the show. Should he lose, the end will seem lackluster at best.

Enjoy the show...

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