The National Do Not Call Registry is About to Expire for Early Subscribers

Red Alert, Red Alert, I am not warning you that Britney Spears is about to do another live MTV Video Awards comeback performance...this is worse if you can imagine that.

For those who were among the first to register for the Federal Do Not Call list, your time is drawing near for your phone line to be open to the bane of peace and quiet, the telemarketer.

Do not despair. Thankfully, (and I am sure you often stop to give thanks that you visit this website often to stay informed, that you have it bookmarked (hint, hint) etc.), YOU will be among the first to renew your listing and once more relax at home whiling away time without being annoyed unless you choose to be annoyed by coming back here again.;)

How do you perform this miraculous feat? ( I'll bet that you are sitting there wondering that very I will tell you).:) You go to the National Do Not Call Registry. You enter your phone number and your VALID e-mail address. Why a valid e-mail address? Because you will have to CONFIRM that the number being listed is indeed your own by clicking a link in an e-mail their computer will regurgitate to your mailbox. That's are safe for 5 more years. Well, unless Britney Spears stages another "comeback."

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