Who is Nancy Pelosi - Nancy Pelosi Gas Mileage in Cars


Who is Nancy Pelosi? - Nancy Pelosi Pressing to Boost Gas Mileage in Cars

Who is Nancy Pelosi?

If you havn't heard of Nancy Pelosi, you soon will. Nancy Pelosi is the first Italian-American Speaker of the House and recently is pushing a bill that will have a huge impact upon the American economy. Nancy Pelosi is a highly-effective politician and perhaps soon to be the sweeping hand of change.

In an article on CNNpolitics.com, they discussed the latest bill which will call for "an increase in automobile fuel efficiency to an average of 35 miles per gallon by 2020."

Even as small change in the EPA requirement for the gas mileage in cars has a huge impact upon the nation's economy. The United States can't go on forever borrowing money to finance our huge appetite for foreign oil. To think that Americans will decide to conserve energy on their own initiative is ridiculous. The only thing that will force the United States to conserve is to raise prices for fuel or to imposse a federal mandate requiring an increase in the gas mileage in cars.

Nancy Pelosi is an agent of change and I anticipate that she will go further to legislate sweeping change that will effect every American...stay posted.

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