Amanda Kimmel - Amanda Kimmel Survivor Video

Amanda Kimmel - Amanda Kimmel Survivor Video

Amanda Kimmel, you know her as the hot girl in the bikini from Survivor with the fuzzy butt blur that Survivor felt that they had to add when the show aired on television failed to win the Survivor title. I really felt that Amanda Kimmel of Survivor: China won this year's Survivor competition. Not because her outfit was so hot and sexy that they felt the need for the fuzzy butt blur effect in every episode. I felt she outwitted, outlasted and outplayed the others.

I have always felt that the winner of the last immunity competition is the true winner of the Survivor title. Afterall, Amanda Kimmel held the power in her hands to send any of the other three out the door at the last tribal council. That showed me that at that moment she could have sent the winner, Todd Herzog packing and perhaps been named the winner of the game.

I was very-surprised that Amanda Kimmel received only one of the jury votes. She clearly owned the others at the end.

As an interesting note, Amanda Kimmel is a former Miss Montana in the Miss USA pageant line and that made the fourth time that a former Miss USA delegate had been on Survivor.

Congratulations, none-the-less to the Survivor: China winner, Todd Herzog for outwitting his way through the entire Survivor competition.

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