I Am Legend Movie Preview Trailer 1- I Am Legend - Starring Will Smith

I Am Legend Movie Preview Trailer 1 - I Am Legend - Starring Will Smith


I Am Legend opened in movie theaters this weekend and topped box office ticket sales with a record breaking December sales figure. Will Smith could say "I Am Legend" now in his own right and is perhaps the most-powerful actor of all time.

I Am Legend is a sci-fi movie set in 2012 where everyone has become infected with a nasty contagion that has mutated the human race. No, I am not talking about hollywood celebrities and the paparazzi, this was some kind of germ.;) As you can see from this amazing video movie, Will Smith literally owns the big screen and all of Manhattan which has become Will Smith's private island in I Am Legend or rather that of the main character, Robert Neville.

I Am Legend spoilers...read on if you so choose...

Will Smith is not the only actor in the film, Alice Braga the stunning Brazilian film star also makes her American debut in the film. Will Smith slipped during an interview and disclosed details about the ending, forcing a reshoot of some of the final scenes, so I won't ruin ending of the film with any I Am Legend spoilers.

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