What is This Doing on the Internet?...Sigh

Most of you by now are probably wanting to throw me off the poop deck...sigh. That is one of the hazards of bringing you stuff you won't see anywhere else. Consider it a job hazard if you will...but I feel it is my duty to bring you the real poop and tonight is no exception. You will NOT believe this: featured site:

Haven't you people learned by now not to click on stuff I recommend? Yup, it is true...a website devoted entirely to poop...sigh. Be sure to look around ...it gets worse. You can order poop merchandise too...yippee. Wonder what motivates someone to do a poop website? Hm mm...somethings we are just better off NOT knowing. I am not saying that the author doesn't have every right to talk about poop if he wants...in fact, I would defend to the death his right to do so; however, the fact that people read it is just plain scary....sigh.

--The Clever Cynic, http://www.smellypoop.com/order.html
E-mail: the_clever_cynic@yahoo.com

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