Reality Television--Pirate Master, Episode 1

I enjoyed tonight's debut of Pirate Master on CBS. The ambiance aboard the ship was actually convincing without seeming like an overdone-theme park, so kudos to the set designers.

John, the "scientist/exotic dancer" (what a combination) was the first to be sent home, despite a well-delivered attempt to incite mutiny. My guess is that he was the biggest threat and the others feel that they have plenty of time to deal with the newly-emerged captain, Joe Don...who came off as a royal-asshat and power-hungry little pimp. I just hope the others don't wait too long to cut Joe Don adrift...I am not sure how much of his swaggering about I can tolerate before I get seasick. I had a slight bout of seasickness already when Joy proved to be quite the drama queen...sigh.

All-in-All an interesting reality show.

--The Clever Cynic,

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