This is the Most Sexist Nonsense Ever

<--since this guy is male apparently he can't buy a box of cereal?
I was reading an article entitled, "Help! Grocery store still overwhelming to men" (sic... yeah they really don't know how to capitalize...sigh) I f they had written this article about women...say at the hardware store, all hell would break loose. Why do men put up with this sexist crap?

I can't imagine that a grocery store is that hard to use for the average guy. I go to the store all the time...I manage to find what I need. They have HUGE signs over every show you where to go. Is the navigation system that hard to master? I am guessing they are referring to the "whipped" types who normally are left home by the wife and suddenly she gets a bug somewhere to send the poor sot to the store (probably for tampons wonder he can't find them);).

This part of the article is CLASSIC:

"One guy I thought was going to have a nervous breakdown in the cereal aisle,"
Putnam said, adding that this man, in his early 30s, worked the night shift as a
police officer in a dicey part of town and was otherwise used to stressful
situations. " (the guy can dodge bullets and polices gangs, yet he can't pick out a box of Cheerios?)

So what is their wonderful solution to this problem?:
"One example of a tool to help with efficiency is the Shopping Buddy, a wireless computer on shopping carts at Ahold NV's Stop & Shop stores in the Northeast that alerts shoppers to certain items they might want, among other features, using information from shopper loyalty cards, consultants said."
Oh I can just imagine the shopping buddy in action. ATTENTION...ATTENTION MALE FOOL...PIZZA AND BEER ON ISLE FIVE. Seriously, it is about time men stopped putting up with such patronizing nonsense.

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